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Hi, my name is marklola82! help with migranes

marklola82 Community member Posts: 2 Listener
Hi not sure if there would be help on here but though its work asking

I have suffered with bad heads for years which has got worse over time, I was sent to a neurologist which was useless as I was in literally 10 mins where he tapped my knee with a little hammer and asked me to read letters off a chart on the wall and then said....its migraines

he put me on amitriptyline which I was to take on a night so it was in my system the following day to prevent them coming on which did not work so the dosage was upped a good few times over the course of 8 months, then they pute me on Zolmitripitan along with the amitriptyline I was to take one of these if I felt a migraine starting and if I still had the same migrane 2hrs later take another but no more than 2 tablets in 24hrs

this didn't work so they upped the zolmitripitan dosage and a good amount of times it stopped the would be migraine that I felt...taking hold. though I still had bad episodes as they did not always work

realised the amitriptyline didn't do anything so stopped them and just used zolmitripitan and had been doing since BUT I get 3ish bad episodes a month still bit they are where I am literally being sick with my head all day but its every 15 mins being sick till my stomach is empty then I have to down a pint of water I'm ok 5 mins then I can feel it coming again and 15 mins after being sick I'm doing it all.again and its like this literally all day and most of the time following day and the 3rd day I'm so tired and aching with it all, so that's like minimum 6 days a month being sick a d another 3 or more feeling horrid from being sick that much.

last episode started last sunday at my new full time job had only done 3 shifts mostly training had to be sent home a hr early and had to call in sick monday, Tuesday and because it lasted even longer had to get a sick note for a week. was being sick from 5pm Sunday till 4am every 15min without fail, fell asleep but woke again at 7am bad head still and it all started again till 2am following morning

I had a part time job the last 3 years which was ok as a lot of the time me being Ill was when I wasn't at work with it being part time.and the times when it was they changed my shifts or I swapped my days off for when I was ill, don't see how I can work full time no other place will being off ill a lot and there's nothing I can do to stop it so don't think they will keep me on which I don't blame them

so a part time job is my only option but thats not helping me money wise.

went to the doc yesturday and she's making me try propranol again 30mg a day, tried these before but stopped as they gave me hallucinations seeing trees blowing inside my full length mirror at the back of my bedroom door and a woman's head coming out the trees towards me...horrid

they didn't work then and so far not doing much now.

Last year she was going to sent me to neurologist again but I got a letter saying they won't see me again

I don't know what to do :/ had enough

can not keep a fulltime job with the time off, I can not cope with being sick as much as I am when I'm I'll its a wonder I've teeth left in my mouth I'll be honest when I'm having a episode I'd welcome a smack over the head with a hammer that's how bad it feels and is.

The doctors seem useless no matter who I have seen I end up having to repeat all my history over and over again and its like back to start with each doctor I see, I tried seeing the same one a few times which I have but its like she's not bothered...and she asks me what I would like her to do instead of her telling me what she's going to do to help :/

I'm 36 living with parents and feel trapped and helpless with it all.

stress with jobs on top of all this, and also other than the bad heads they said my motion sickness is part of it all though this was that neurologist that said this I've had no teats done or scans or anything, I can't use buses at all and trains are a no go more or less and not good as a passenger in a car for long at all as this brings on the same stuff as when I've a migraine ...the being sick all day etc

I drive now which helps though sometimes that makes me bad too.

sorry I've wrote way too much


  • marklola82
    marklola82 Community member Posts: 2 Listener
    sorry for bad spelling and full stops fitted around my phone has had it, the screen is dodgy near where the lower letters are so it puts full stops when I press some letters
  • FionaA
    FionaA Community member Posts: 15 Connected
    Hey so sorry the migraines are so awful. My girl had that too. She has now added Cannabidiol and has not had a migraine for a 2-3 months. Still has the sick feeling a lot though and the throwing up but it too is less. It took a while to get the Cannabidiol dosage to the right level, started way to low, but even that helped generally. Might be worth a try but you do have to experiment until you find what suits you. Good luck if you try it. Hugs Fi
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