Mental health issues
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Bpd at birth

sam12sam12 Member - under moderation Posts: 1,347 Pioneering
Any one born with borderline personality disorder makes me so unhappy having all these mental health issues i feel ashamed of it 


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    I’ve just been diagnosed with that although had symptoms all my life. Struggling to find a way to explain it to my family, but ...... they’ll ever accept it or not. Xx
  • sam12sam12 Member - under moderation Posts: 1,347 Pioneering
    Same here I struggle daily I had family abuse. Drs bad to me.i Kant trust them or family I feel abdoned. Isolated list goes on and on always 1 stress after another even wen things finally settle full blown again. U trying for pip listen to this the nurse came last wk said if you don't like life why u still here what stoppin u from goin people not impressed some one said how awful my Dr says it get it so other people my bf a welfare advocate he and lawyer he help me keep posted. Got dishes to do doubt sleep possible still in withdrawal my ex husband poison me for 8 half years my old Dr quit me cold turkey am livid with people  like this I been in flat 3 years not being able to go out 
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    I’ve seen your previous posts, you’ve definitely been through it. I know what you mean about isolation, I suffered abuse when I was younger and always seemed to be the odd one out when it comes to my family. It’s a constant battle with them, doesn’t help that my Mum seemingly favoured me over them but I guess she felt guilty as to what happened to me. I’m just going through the PIP from DLA process but got fantastic GP support. I hope you’re complaining about what the accessor said to you, someone having suicidal thoughts shouldn’t be mocked. I should know. I found my friend hung, it’s bloody horrific :( xx
  • sam12sam12 Member - under moderation Posts: 1,347 Pioneering
    My friend hung her self on the mh ward crazy world.i rather be an alien on a planet then love on earth 
  • sam12sam12 Member - under moderation Posts: 1,347 Pioneering
    Fisted in the face by mother belted with buckle in any area. Whipped with a towel. Chased with knives.head smashed against the wall. But mum has another side very kind. I never knew mum very well .we go out together she still bully me in front of people so embarrassing I  no idea why she like this she told me she was raped young to had a brother I never met gave him up 4 adoption male 
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    You’ve been through so much but I am always here for a chat if you want one xxxx
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