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Paid Hobbies and Benefits

southlass Member Posts: 8 Connected
edited June 2018 in Work and employment
Hi all,

I just wanted to throw this out there because it's been floating around my head recently: Lately, I've been wanting to find a hobby to keep myself occupied and use my time constructively. In particular, I want to start a YouTube channel, but I'm afraid that if it becomes even moderately successful, it could sabotage my benefits.

I read that, at least on ESA which is my case, I'm not allowed to work more than 16hrs. per week or earn more than £125 per week. Of course, with YouTube, any income would be wildly unstable, with peaks and troughs depending on viewership. Not something one could depend on or be considered a consistent means of gainful employment.

Nonetheless, I fear that if I want to keep what little stability I have in my life right now, I'm bound to submit to the confines of my disability which is, in itself, a fact that perpetuates the depression I'm trying to fight. 



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