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Living life with osteoporosis

ojwen Member Posts: 7 Listener
Hi sending my empathy to folk on here x I have had osteoarthritus for at least 10 years . That was bad enough, but last year after an accident  broke 3 bones in my leg and have rods fitted , have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis. I had another accident this year, and broke and dislocated wrist twice .  Live on my own in a village, feel very vunerable and have found myself retreating from going out as much. I walk usually with a rollator but since I got the cast on my wrist beginning of May, I find it very difficult walking anywhere cos have to steer it with one arm !! Was not asking for sympathy, but wondered if anyone else with osteoporosis can give me any advice to feel a bit more positive !! I used to love gardening, craftwork, art, but even doing everyday things now leave me moving like a tortoise, fatigued, and very frustrated !! If I keep taking the Alendronic acid , will I get my life a bit more back to 'normal' x



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