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Hi, my name is sezsixx!

sezsixx Member Posts: 7 Connected
I have Cerebral Palsy with soastic diaplygia. In 45 yrs old, live alone, widdowed, with my little dog. Im increasingly frustrated atvthe lack of support. Im struggling with muscke spasm, tirednes, cramping, back problems and just need somewher to turn to! 
Hope you guys can suppirt me! 


  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @sezsixx Pleased to meet you welcome.

    Please can I say sorry to hear about you.  The community is very supportive and understands.

    Please can I suggest have a look at our posts and threads on specific conditions.  There is plenty of advice and members of our community talking about how they deal with there illness or specific condition.  If that helps.

    A suggestion if I can advise is to speak to your Doctor. I know some times it is hard to say what is happening. I live alone myself and know if I have issues and problems need to speak to the person who I can talk to is my Doctor.

    If that is not easy which some times is not speak to an Advocate to speak for you.

    Hope any thing helps. Also being here is the first step may I add.

    Take care


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