Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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Just like to get a few things off my chest with regards to my P.I.P assessment.

I had a one page letter explaining that my P.I.P. amount was going up, but no details on the assessment.

Five days later I received an official letter to explain the results.

Mobility wise I was given the lower amount.

I had beside me whilst being interviewed my crutches and a walking frame as well as a walking/foot splint.

I was given zero points for planning and reason… this after I virtually begged the DWP for a (which I had) home visit, as I cannot travel to new places without suffering severe trauma.

I also have back problems, and I pointed to where I had the pain in my lower back. 

I was asked to stand put my hands behind my back, no problem. 

Then put my arms above me, again no problem.

Not a very comprehensive test this?

I cannot remember the actual words but they virtually called me a liar..

But she, the assessor, was very polite, and calm. 

This relaxed me.

So I started to have small talk conversation with her.

It was noted that I made eye contact with her, which I did.

Apparently this goes against my comment that I find it hard to mix/be socially interactive with people.

So yesterday I did a Mandatory Reconsideration, but with this I included a very detailed Psychological report from 012.

It explains my ‘severe’ memory problems…and they are severe, (Brain Injury) Anxiety, hostility and several other problems I have!

I just wanted to get a few things off my chest!  Thank you



  • wilkowilko Member Posts: 2,284 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello old grumpy, this is so upsetting for claiment having F2F accessments, you, we do our best attend well presented washed and shaved ect try to be sociable making eye contact as one should while talking to another person. Those of us who have had acessments know to well what the acessor is trying to get out of us by asking the same question in different ways to get an answer to fit their drop down menus on their acessment software applecation. Asking  questions at the start of the acessment then referring to them later is one of their memory tests. Asking about past events, work schools social events allows the acessor to gauge your memory ability long and short term with out you, or us realiseing what has just taken place and thus recorded good memory. Keep posting and updating.
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