Struggling in my new job

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Hi , after struggling for two years to find a new job being deaf , bad back and a single parent, I had to find a part time but must be 16hours . Remploy have helped and found a kitchen assistant position in home care which I took as I was desperate to get out there . Now been there 6weeks and finding it a nightmare communicating with customers who are elderly or have disability . As I’m always turning to someone to help me out , they make me uncomfortable and I can see I’m getting on their nerve ! Even had the boss short with me a numbers of times , I’m not enjoying it anymore ! Also they been giving me less hours (only 5hrs this week) so I can’t claim tax credit and still stuck with the jobcentre signing with less money than being jobless !! Remploy have emailed me they are now at the end of the programme ☹️ I’ve applied for load but not heard back and feeling like **** !
In the past I have worked as a sewing michinist and loved it but there’s never part time , cleaning is out of question as I did my back in on training which I knew would happens but I want to try anything ! 
Any one deaf out there and tell me how you manage in your jobs ? Sorry for the long rant but I don’t know where to turn xx


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    Hi @clairewales

    Sorry to learn about the difficulties.

    Have you met a Disability Employment Advisor, they are based in jobcentre plus.

    Mine was very helpful and spent a great deal of effort to assist.

    They also fund equipment and the like, to overcome your problems.

    I would also suggest you contact your local Deaf Association, to see if they can assist you. My local group was very sportive.

    Just an idea, have you thought about starting your own alteration/ sewing business, there will be start up funding. There is one in our local market and there is always a sign. "Macinist Wanted -immediate start".

    Let us know if we can help further.

    Keep in touch.

    Best wishes
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    Hi @atlas46
    thanks for you advise,
    im going to the jobcentre tomorrow for my usual sign on , so I will ask for a disability adviser to see if I can get help , 
    I usually lip read well but this is difficult taking orders also
    my problem is more about the tension from the workers and that why I want to look for another job but  there’s hardly any 16 hours ! 
    As I’ve been a stay at home parent for a long time I’ve tried selling my sewing stuff but couldn’t make money also very lonely working at home and unable to talk on the phone to sort out problems like tax etc . 
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    @atlas46 forgot to say most sewing machinist are full time and not child friendly hours ?