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Hi, my name is pissedofffromhants!

GoForIt Member Posts: 44 Connected
I like so many others feel desparate after receiving my medical assessment from pip. Lies, no examination conducted, but has written that she found this and that on examination?? I had an assessment for example a year ago and finding were completely different?? I have a degenerative scoliosis of the spine,COPD,( but according to their report, didn't seem breathless,). I can't fight these people any more,I feel absolutely broken, I know I can fight get this this that and the other, but I feel exhausted. How can these Wicked people sleep at night? How can a government allow these procedures to happen in such a dishonest way. Wasting tax payers money on assesments's that are clearly corrupt and decided before you attend. I am feeling depressed and desperate.



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