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Moved again from support grouo to work group lost 80 pounds a month

Assessment meeting 13 June Recd letter dated 19June to attend meeting at Job centre recd 21 June Results letter dated 16th june arrived 23 June Put in Work group Yo yo back and forth frin wirk groyp to support group to nil points and  tribunal No reason given Status the same too ill to work Suspect info from Gps no set Gp and all those who know history gone .Same info sent and jyst exhaustwd caring for daughter withlate duagnosed autism aspergers and stage 4 endmetriosis in 30s chronic pelvic pain and trochantetic bursistus by mri receiving 10 weekly injections to prevent return of endo and cystsTaking nirateyptyline prozac and pregablin eatriadil and mirena coil Waiting  for op to see if endo spread or not showing potentially on bowel .Exhausted cant sleep in constant pain Bowel and bladder probs Diesnf go out for weeks try to get her ti go for a shiwer No sense if time or money Asked if an appointee what the hell she luves with me im her carer her mum Feel like a criminal Shes ill What can I do


  • BenefitsTrainingCo
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    Hi sylvfb,

    I'm trying to work out whether your post is about you or your daughter being moved to the WRAG. Whichever one of it, you need to submit a mandatory reconsideration stating that your/her condition has not got any better and that they have no grounds to supersede the original decision. They have to show that your condition or its effects on your daily functioning have improved since your last assessment. Provide any reports about your health condition from your GP/specialist and follow it through to an appeal if necessary. You could ask your LA if they have a Welfare Rights team who could help you along with it. All the best,

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  • sylvfb
    sylvfb Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Thank you for the advice its my daughter age 36  She is late duagnosed for Autism and physical illnesses Scared to query it.Her assessment was the anniversary week of her Dads death  We are just so anxious


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