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I have won a grant to have a DIY person with adequate ability to build high narrow containers for raised bedding. Gardening was my therapy until pain & mobility issues stopped me. We also plan to enclose the area with fences, trellises. Landscapers don't seem willing to do small jobs. And I'm finding it hard to find someone to make my dream come true. Maybe there's retired builders or people who love working with wood?? Can someone point me in the right direction please.


  • Chloe_Scope
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    Hi @mandyqks I really hope you are able to get this all sorted- sounds amazing!

    Have you tried posting on public groups, like facebook where there would be people available in your local area?

    Very best of luck and please keep us updated!

  • atlas46
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    Hi @mandyqks

    Just finished are garden the same set up as yours. It's brillamt.

    We used a number of planters, some flat packs and some bespoke.

    A local handyman did them for us, we got his details from our parish magazine.

    He was well known in our village and was reasonable price wise.

    Try local newspaper for andyman.

    Good luck

  • mandyqks
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    Thanks so much to both of you kind ppl taking time out to encourage me. I don't understand why no one contacts me thru the various social media I've posted on. Is it because it's summer and sunny? I'll keep on trying. I'm concerned the charity will recede the cash cheque as we've had it for 5 or 6 weeks. Don't think it should go in my account because I'm just the conduit to the DIY worker.
  • thespiceman
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    Hello @mandyqks   Pleased to meet you welcome.    Sorry not answered you earlier I apologise  .Sorry what you are going through. May I suggest a website called Thrive.

    They are a gardeners website that have a disabled community like ours all gardeners.  Could help with suggestions.

    The reason no one replied to you is basically gardening is a lot of hard work and I know being myself a gentleman. Who has disability and mental health issues do struggle with the hard tasks and jobs. So contain my own self to doing herbs.

    Also money is the problem now a lot of gardeners see easy way is the landscaping and lots of the menial jobs not worth the time and money.

    Trust me been there. Have a gardener to do the lawn and it is reasonable. Last place vast sums for menial tasks. So please be careful and am concerned.

    Look at checkatrade website as well. For gardeners but even there do your home work and be careful.

    Understand the problems and issues.  Hope you can get it all completed and send all the community a picture.  Love to see it.

    Please come back to me if I can be of any use.  To advise further.

    Take care

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  • Geoark
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    Hi @mandyqks

    One of the issues in this case is having no idea where you are based (town/city or nearest) it is difficult to direct you to potential solutions.

    Putting that aside there are some sources you should definately try. Your local garden centre may be aware of local people who may be able to help you, similarly if you have local allotments there is someone you can normally contact who might be able to signpost someone for you. Another potential resource, though it may be the wrong time of year, is if there is a local horticultural college, you would need to contact them, but there may be students who would be willing to look at helping you.

    For landscapers and gardeners this time of year can be very busy and are usually fully booked. If you can be flexible when it can be done you may find it easier to get one later in the year.

    One source I can strongly recommend is Philip Voice at Landscape Juice Network if you email him with what you want doing, budget etc he may be able to help you find someone, but again it may take a little time. The network was set up by Philip to promote higher standards and support for professional gardeners and landscapers. I would suggest that you also mention why you are looking for someone to do it and that the funding is from a grant so fixed.

    Most grants have rules about how much time you have to spend the grant, and with a cheque these are usually rejected by the bank after 6 months, but this should still give you time to find someone and you can always check with the charity/grant giver about this.

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  • nammy
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    I use gardening to help with my issues, but in the past I got in touch with local college who ran landscaping courses, and there were people there who used my garden as their project. I do not know where you are but it might be worth while you looking to see if that is an option.

    Also local councils have their own workers which you can hire through the council. maybe contact yours to see if they offer the service.


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