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Can universal credits say a woman should be fit to work if she has a sick note?

Laura65988 Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited July 2018 in Universal Credit (UC)
Hi I befriended a woman as she was made a widow 3 weeks ago after 45 years married and has a sick note for 8 weeks for obviouse reasons
Anyway I'll tell you what I know and maybe some person who has been through it or any thing I can do to help her
So she claimed UC as it's rolled out for single people iy area she cared for husband before this
So she keeps getting daily calls from UC telling her she is fit for work and she has to look for a job so I'm guessing she has had first interview for them to call and tell her this so she explains every day that she is not fit for work ylsyw has an 8 week Sick note from doctor but I've read that this doesn't matter if you have one they don't mean anything is this true or not
So she went back to her doctor who was that outraged at he wrote a free letter total unusual for a doctor he has sent this to them telling them she is unfit with a legql letter from a medical practitioner and I am saying in my professional opinion and my meeting with patient she is not fit for work for at least 8 weeks then it will be reviewed and they were to stop harrassment calls insisting she fit for work unless you have a medical practitioner who can see her and diagnos she no longer needed sick note 3 weeks is in.n9 way acceptable amount of time to grieve the loss your partner and to deal with with these calls as well frightening her into going back to work when she is medically unfit for work as said in note by a medical practitioner with a wealth of experience knowledge in saying this and I work with NHS I'd you would like to make a complaint about my fit for work note and you disagree with my decision then I suggest you do so in writing my patient is not fit for work and with all your medical practitioner study and years as a GP I'm assuming you have to over ride my decision I will be taking this further as you are saying my professional opinion of being the patients GP is in correct and I'm writing again to tell you unless you have a GP to have an appointment and say I'm wrong then I'm correct 
So we are waiting on word back docto is very angry as she just buried her husband last week and they called her then as well

What can we do is this correct and she is in Scotland Will the doctor letter and opinion
Matter and surely your allowed to grieve more than 3 werow


  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,557 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Laura65988 and welcome to the community. Thank you very much for sharing your story. I hope others in the community are able to offer support and guidance through this difficult time.

    If you need anything else then please do not hesitate to be in touch. 

  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Posts: 8,845 Connected
    UC and the WCA are in a bit of a mess. Until she’s had a WCA as a UC claimant then she’s not got limited capability for work under UC. The hard bit is getting them to send her for a medical as the staff have had insufficient training. The GP letter is impressive but meaningless in this context as are the fit notes. She needs to persuade UC to send her for a WCA. A letter before action may be the best route.
  • markcumbria
    markcumbria Member Posts: 28 Connected
    Hi laura I was found fit for work and iam on universal credit ive got a spine injury and use a walking aid and struggle to carry anything iam in the middle of doing severe physio I was at the doctors last week and was told there was a note from the hospital to refer me to a clinic iam appealing the fit for work assessment it was full of lies not one mention of my carer with me it never even mentioned that I used a walking aid the report even said I could walk 200 metres without stopping what was lies I hope you appeal and don't give up fight as much as you can take your case because that's what iam doing even as far to get it in court.
  • jaggee
    jaggee Member Posts: 11 Listener
    hi laura, the sick certificate means nothing to universal credit anymore,i am in severe pain with my dislocated coccyx bone  which has effects my lower back, pelvis,hips and my rightleg i can just about to walk, cannot do simple day to say tasks, and was told by the U.N, that i am fit to work, i explained to them that mist of the time I am in bed lying on my side to get some pain relief also taking strong medication made no difference to them,this is making me more sick with stress,depression and getting panic attacks,i have appealed and hope i get some positive results


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