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Sharing room with autistic brother.

TehOne337 Member Posts: 2 Listener
Hello, I've created an account on here to see if I can get any answers to the living situation I am currently in. I live in a 3 bedroom bungalow with my 22 year old brother, younger sister, mother and father. We have lived here for coming up to 4 years and over those years my parents have tried helping my severely autistic brother with moving out of home and into supported living (which he wants and complains about on the daily) but with no luck. We have been told numerous things such as he can't be moved into any cared living, apparently he "isn't disabled enough" because he can cook some foods on his own. Although last year he moved into residential college and after the first week he was sent home due to not being able to look after himself properly. Having to share a room with my brother is causing alot of stress on me being woken up every night because of absolute nonsense and overall alot of stress on the family because he is a very aggressive and moody person. We've tried getting help from social workers and they have been useless. I feel my parents are slowly giving up as they simply do not have the time to search into what we could do about our situation. Is there anything we can do?



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