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Hi, my name is JuliaB!

JuliaB Member Posts: 5 Listener
Good morning to everyone, I am hoping for a little help regarding my Daughters claim for ESA. After being forced out of university with Depression, my Daughter came to live with us, she has claimed ESA from March 15th was assessed on May 9th and put in the support group - She has had no money to date - after various phone calls - impossible to get through most days - I have been informed she has claimed contribution based and wouldn’t receive any money as has made no contributions- now I filled out the form for her and I know I ticked income based !? We have been told she wouldn’t get an award notice letter !? But they sent one out with another form to fill in to claim income related - I am at my wits end with this and now worried that as my Daughter resides with us, she won’t be entitled to income based as we work !? These last few months have been horrendous and still no money has been received by my Daughter. Can someone please advise what we can do to move this on!? It seems ridiculous. Thank you in advance. 



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