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Hi, my name is sharon49!

sharon49 Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hello everyone I just like to say my son who is 26 had a face to face on the 6 of June this year and I was told to ask for a copy of the assessment report. Which I did I revived it 2 days ago and I am totally and utterly devastated what she has put everything my son answered she has put utter lies . My son has a brain tumour on his brain stem which is left from part removal of a Timor which he has had from a year old he has epilepsy and earring loss also field vision and 3D prospective vision loss . He has slight learning difficulties and he has to have a lot of help from family and friends to do a lot of day to day living eg cooking . Help with financial assistance and he has to be encouraged by us to do a lot of things we also have to plan his journeys to and from hospital and doctors also we have to make sure he takes showers as if it was left to him he wouldn’t. We all help him day after day. And she said he can do everything himself I am totally angry he’s been getting disability low rate mobility and middle rate care for over 20 years due to his illnesses and now he’s older he needs more help as like I said he’s 25 and he doesn’t do what a 25 year old without his illness do. This is wrong people should not have to fight for what they deserve in life the prof is there in the medical records and from scan results yes he can walk 200 meters which we told them about but he stops regularly for rest but he can not plan a journey himself he would not know where to start and he stated that to her and she put that he could also she put that he could prepare a meal and cook well if going in fridge and getting a sausage roll and bag of crisps is preparing and cooking well I am amused. I can not understand why people have to lie when I filled the pip form in with help from his adviser from disability she said that was enough information for them which it was and I didn’t lie we put the truth in the form and then they go and put there lies I haven’t heard yet but there really not going to get away with it . 



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