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Can I get a mortgage?

Hi guys
I’m in a very difficult situation,
I’m suffering from end phase liver failure and will eventually have a transplant at some point in the future so I am on enhanced pip for both care and mobility.
my living situation is pretty bad regards to my house, I’m living with my children’s father, obviously with our 2 children here. We live completely separate lives, he lives in a caravan beside the house but refuses to move and leave the house for the children, he did not put my name on the mortgage so I don’t think I have any legal entitlement even though we have been around each other for 20 years.
anyway the situation is impossible, he drinks and is abusive verbally and mentally, we have to leave, he tells us to get out virtually every day.
the renting possibilities are slim with me being on benefits so I was wondering about getting a mortgage and buying a place
Does anyone know of any companies that accept disability benefits as income?
has anyone done the same thing at all?
would be great to hear from you
thanks x


  • Government_needs_reform
    Government_needs_reform Member Posts: 859 Pioneering
    edited July 2018
    I'm sorry to hear this about your situation, but getting a mortgage on benefits is unfortunately not going to happen. The risk factors will be to far of a risk for any mortgage lender to help you.

    Also your disability will also put you at a disadvantage for a mortgage.
    Personally i would try and find a move by renting far away or move in with other family if you can.

    Have a word with shelter or any housing charity's, as they maybe able to advise who may rent.

    Sorry but this world is so cruel. Good luck.
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  • susan48
    susan48 Member Posts: 2,221 Disability Gamechanger
    What @Governments_A_Joke has said is correct, Iv tried to change mortgage provider and tried to get another mortgage to move closer to my family. No chance.

    Either go to the council and explain your situation, Iv been in a similar situation, and they may rehouse you do to the risks your husband poses and you’v children there.
    Its worth asking or as suggested, Shelter or CAB 
  • Jean_OT
    Jean_OT Member Posts: 513 Pioneering
    Hi @ladychantelle

    I would urge you to seek good quality legal advice, you could try: . Even through your name isn't on the current property you may be due a settlement after living as couple for such a long time. Your children's father also has a duty to consider their needs and well-being so if this matter went to court there could be a judgement that benefited them.

    Your children's fathers behavior could be termed domestic abuse so, as has already been mentioned the local authority Housing Dept. may be able to assist you.

    You may find it helpful to talk to the National Domestic Abuse Helpline:
     0808 2000 247 

    I your current circumstances I think it will be incredibly difficult or even impossible to  get a mortgage but for further info please see:

    Best Wishes

    Jean Merrilees BSc MRCOT

    You can read more of my posts at:

  • ladychantelle
    ladychantelle Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Sounds like I’m stuck really.
     I did appeal to the local council a while back and at the time he was subjecting me to extreme sexual and physical abuse, I lost teeth a broken jaw nose ribs even a fractured coxis when he tried to snap me in 2 over a settee,  it took a lot for me to break down and tell them and it fell on deaf ears, I wouldn’t want to drag that history up for the children’s sake I’d rather just leave quietly but I have nowhere to go ?
  • Jean_OT
    Jean_OT Member Posts: 513 Pioneering
    So sorry to hear of the severity of the abuse and the lack of appropriate action from your local authority. I can understand that you want to try to protect your children from the full horror of what has happened but your options are potentially limited and it sounds as if you need a place of safety for you and the children so please consider taking advice from the other organisations I suggested earlier.

    Best Wishes

    Jean Merrilees BSc MRCOT

    You can read more of my posts at:

  • ladychantelle
    ladychantelle Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Thanks very much for replying, I appreciate it.
     I will see if there are any options with the organisations you mentioned that don’t open up a can of worms
  • susan48
    susan48 Member Posts: 2,221 Disability Gamechanger
    when you go and speak to you local council you HAVE to be honest and tell them EVERYTHING that’s happened previously and ongoing, this will give you the best chance to escape with your children.

    Im taking it the police were involved when the violence happened.

    I hope you get help ASAP, and really if anything else happens I’d be calling 999.

    You and your children deserve the safety of knowing your husband can’t hurt you anymore or your children 
  • newborn
    newborn Member Posts: 746 Pioneering
    edited August 2018
    There's no update on this thread. A  lawyer from a domestic violence organisation would leap at this, probably get an instant injunction to order the man to leave, not contact, continue mortgage payments and maintenance till children are adult, and a non molestation order with power of arrest and local police to be alerted that if the man comes near, he is at risk of imprisonment for contempt of court.

    True there is not total equality between married and cohabiting, nor between name on deeds or not,  but taking  into consideration  20 years and children means that courts these days do give women legal rights.   

     The abused woman would not normally be expected to go from the matrimonial home. The abuser would.  He would not be legally free to continue distressing his ex or the children.   Police can and do drop everything and go running to protect women with non molestation orders, and men really are scared, because the offence the court will be assessing is not 'only' his contempt for women, it's his contempt of court, which the court won't stand for.


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