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Disabled and long term chronically sick all different!

I am saying all claimant's have different circumstances and other conditions ignored. One may live Aline with no family and may become frightened and confused but left to slip through the net, maybe very timid person who DWP/ decision makers love to abuse and refuse helps their bonus, fact not fiction. What about those who are pulled down into low mood and severe depression and think about harming themselves? It can happen to anyone I never thought I would think about harming myself but I did! That,s a story for another day!/


  • Gwendoline1
    Gwendoline1 Member Posts: 215 Pioneering
    Hiya poppawotsy, I agree on everything you've mentioned. I've suffered from depression for a very long time but fortunately for me I've always had a fantastic family support network. I applied this year ( February) for my pip to looked at due to the deterioration of my physical health, don't get me wrong I've had the hcp assessment report back and she marked me as having 12 mobility and 14 care. She was very nice during my assessment and nearly all that I said she recorded here comes the BUT, it's been a long haul to get to today and still have not had the dm report. We are all aware that this could change the hcp decision and I've found I've gone back to those very dark places I was in many years ago when I didn't understand my mental illness. This as taken its toll on me and regardless of the outcome I feel I wish I'd given it more thought on how it would affect me. Unfortunately I wouldn't have known this until I'd have gone through what I have. I hope this makes sense. Hope you are well and thanks for your story on life ?
  • poppawotsy
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    You can go into real deep thought and that can send you into bad low mood, so don't get too worried over it,! Appeal, Appeall, Appeal!Good luck!
  • Gwendoline1
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    Thanks poppawotsy, very much appreciated ?
  • Chloe_Scope
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    Thank you for sharing this experience with us. Going through the benefit system can be extremely difficult and take a toll on your mental health. There will be a lot of people in the community who will definitely be able to relate to this. 
    If you ever feel like harming yourself again then please do seek professional advice from your GP or Samaritans. I hope to see you round the community :) 


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