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NHS 70th Anniversay Year - Sharing My own NHS Experiences with Scope Online Community Forum ?

sakinah Community member Posts: 14 Connected
i have been dealing with the NHS all my life since I was a baby and most of the experiences I’ve had over 40 yrs have been positive.  Obviously I have come across some negative experiences with staff but considering it’s over 40 yrs it’s expected. 

I was was born with a kidney disease called Renal tubular Acidocious which basically means my kidneys excrete my potassium and keep my toxin in the blood not able to get rid of it. It was controlled for years by tablets but sadly just last year I was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure. Needing emergency dialysis. So obviously I have been in more contact with hospitals and their staff as out patients and in patients. Both st my local hospital and kings college main hospital for all my kidney and dialysis needs. 

I go go to kings college hospital now three times s week and to be honest no matter what kind of s day I’m having or how moody I become I have noticed over the year I have been attending how professional they have dealt with my mood disorders coming to terms with dialysis treatment which is s total shock to my lifestyle and takes up most if my time. Going to hospital having that much treatment and dealing with the withdrawals and other medical complications I have that affect my treatment can have an effect on me obviously. 

But it the staff at the kings main dialysis unit the vast majority of them are so nice and caring and very professional not to mention friendly.  There have been a couple if incidents with nurses where possibly through their inexperience have come to heads with them on occasions but it’s Jesus sorted out and never lasting. 

I sincereky comnend all yge staff there sbd the bad the way they conduct themselves. Obviously some if the staff need some extra training and experience dealing with patients that are vulnerable able and unpredictable due to having to undergo surgery ch constant regiriud treatment that effect the wuakity if their lives. Every individual is different and effects them differently. But over all they are doing the best they can and I really like going there as a choice but not the treatment obviously.

After a year I’m still trying to come to terms with it and the staff on a whole are very empathic to my difficulties and depressive episodes I get. I mean I see them three times a week fir four hours a session so I’m quite well established and known in the unit. 

Again in this is about my experience with NHS as a whole. I can honestly say they have been great to me as an inpatient even tho at the time sometimes I don’t appreciate or show gratitude for the hard work they put into me over 40 yrs the majority at Lewisham University Hospital and Kings College Hospital. But that’s due to me getting overwhelmed by so many medical complications over my life and sometimes filled with resentment anger and depression. I must admit I am guilty of sometimes lashing out in the staff and giving them s hard time from time to time over the years but to my amazement they have wheats death with me in s caring and patient priffrdiinal attitude. And by the time I’m due to leave I’m riddled with guilt and have to go around and apologise to those I’ve given s hard time to and they always overlook my behaviour having the understanding how difficult it is for patients. 

So so I just want to stress and strongly empathise with the Majority of the NHS staff regardless of their position in the NHS 70th hay they don’t receive the commendable rewards that they should achieve it be acknowledged more. Especially as they have their own lives and they do it because they care but also I feel that the public service they give should be negotiated more for themselves personally in their wages and be given a better Salary. I mean look how much work they put into their work bit just because it’s s job but usually it’s becayse they genuinely care and go over and above to deliver it drs nurses all members if staff employed at yge NHS!! Even in the office department. So this is my post to show my utmost appreciation and hope that in the future now it’s 70 long years in service that the necessary organisation should put a spotlight on the NHS in future to show how much they are appreciate. Maybe in the firm if promotional campaigns and fir them personally looking into dealing with giving them s well needed rise especially the nurses. I thing they are greatly understated and should be better acknowledged!!  Congratulations NHS staff and the organisation. Keeping striving to improve your service yivfoung a great job so far and have done over all those years. But obviously there’s strays room for improvement. But overall they are doing s fantastic job. 

If it wasn’t for the way they deal with patients especially at kings where u spend most of my time either in the dialysis unit throughout the week or as referegular renal inpatient I do by know how I would cope with such intensive treatment that is a great upheaval in my life And they are always trying to be as sympathetic as they can and I commend them for that. 

So I hope this post shows my experiences,  appreciation and can be shared as much as possible. 

?Again congratulations NHS on your 70th year all over the country ????

with sincere gratitude and thankfulness ????

sakinah ? 

Ps (any typos I’ve missed apologies ???‍♀️??)


  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Posts: 10,581 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @sakinah, thank you so much for sharing this with the community! It is great to hear about your experiences. It must have been difficult adjusting to all of those changes, you're doing amazingly well! Very best of luck and please continue to share things with the community- we really appreciate it!

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