Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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Am confused (it doesnt take much) re something maximus has done can anyone advise.

Sammyanne64Sammyanne64 Member Posts: 4 Listener
Hopefully someone can advise me here. 
ESA reassessment after 1st this time last year. 
I am disabled after suffering a severe brain injury after an accident coming up to 2 years ago.
Currently in support group after 1st assesment last year. 
Sent back ESA50 and supporting evidence, and waited. 5 weeks later they sent esa113 to my gp but as they ha d lost one gp to them passing away one to serious ill health and another retiring they are short on docs and time. 
After 113 had been with gp 5 weeks maximus sent me an appointment a couple of weeks ago which is late next week. My gp eventually managed to send 113 back and they received last week on 4th july.
I had been to see another consultant about some other ptoblem relating to my injuries and got his report back with diagnosis of what the problem is and referal for ongoing treatment for that. 
So my daughter photocopied it and sent the letter of to maximus to the centre my appoinyment is. She posted it on wed 11th and they will have received yesterday 12th.
Here is my question. 
Never before with esa and also pip where i sent later additional info lots of (atos did that one) has this happened.
Today brown standard envelope handwritten address from maximus and contained the exact piece of evidence/letter I had sent them which was a phoyocopy along with a couple of lines on the back of it i had written and my nino as to why i was sending.
They put that in an envelope and sent it back to me. Now had it have been an original I could understand but it was clearly a photocopy I had sent and had a note on the reverse. 
So why on earth would maximus send that back to me without even as much as a complements slip and not in one of their usual white envelooes with return address on back. Essential I would have thought as they were sending back easily personal and highly identifying info letter had my nino my address date of birth etc. 
So if they have sent it back and they have done that by return of post sending that back on day of receipt to correct assesment centre. 
Why has that not been kept. 
They did not return any of the consultant letters evidence I sent in with my ESA50, nor did atos ever return any med evidence i sent for my pip last year so why. I am worried that it has not been looked at and especially after assesment that the letter doesnt get sent along with the report to the dwp dm. 
I know this might look stupid question but i cant rest not knowing. I couldnt ring them to ask as cant talk on the phone amd jad no one to ring on my behalf. 


  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 6,006 Disability Gamechanger
    When you sent it in did you identify your NINO, date of birth etc? If not then they can’t link it to you.

    Also, did you sent it to an ATOS assessment centre rather than a central address? If the former then they simply don’t deal with post unless it’s been distributed centrally.
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