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justJohn Member Posts: 17 Connected
Hi I real hope you are having a good day . First going way off subject , have you had a trapped nerve , and got it fixed . I just in such constant pain down left leg after full hip replacement . I was given a epidural , it never worked , I was knocked out . This was last August , I got bad pain from but to knee back of leg , my knee all round leg to foot . I can not feel the floor under both feet . The pain in feet I dred put them on the floor . Have you had similar and got rid please tell me if yes . Ok this don't help the pain . I had Uc 50 I was asked to fill in not my choice I was getting a new hip and back to living . I still had stitches or staples in hip I was told I still had to go on assessment when it started it was obvious I would fail I felt my leg get wet staples were bleeding the nurse said she can not asses me as I had nerve damage and not trained to asses it . I could wait half hour or go I went home . I was thinking this nurse known st this time I would get  lcwra so sent me home for a month . Still bad in September I was assessed again wish I taped it on my phone . I was passed fit for work . I got help with appeal from carea the nurse failed to mention in my rrport my full hip replacement . I was advised to put a official complaint in real sorry about this it may of been scope who gave me the advice I just can not remember . So I am giving in fit not f work notes .i felt they not believed me at all I got s fight on .on 29/05/2018 I got a letter RECONSIDERATION Notice due to inconsistency in my assessment I was a warded LCWRA from July back dated next day 30MAY sent me a new UC50 form to fill in . So I am in a live service UC but going full uc I had to do all stuff ID has to be shown even though I spoke to my work coach every 2week bank details shown even though they paid  my benefit in same one last month had to be all done by 27,5 so I never was on LCWRA I got back pay but never got a single payment in month pay . And now I am on assessment time again with LCWRA  stopped . Can u best this LCWRA for a day . What they must of put my won appeal letter on same post as my uc50 . I hope someone can make sense of my uc experience I really not got a clue where I am what I am on they just won't talk to me !!! I ask and ask in my journal but never get s reply ??!. I would be greatfull any advice anything thanks John


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