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Hi, my name is bizzielizzie!

bizzielizzie Member Posts: 11 Connected
Hi there had a man come to the door for the monthly lottery , didn't know about scope


  • thespiceman
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    Hello @bizzielizzie   Pleased to meet you welcome.

    In reply to your answer I had a visit from SCOPE when the bad weather came around. Lovely to know they are there. I asked a member of our team. They do this.

    One thing I did do ask for ID as you never know. Although the lady had a SCOPE jacket on. Just to be safe.

    We are a supportive community who care and share.

    Ask the community anything.

    Plenty of information and advice.  New friends

    Take care

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  • bizzielizzie
    bizzielizzie Member Posts: 11 Connected
    Morning , Thank you nice to know, my husband had all his PIP stopped a year ago , we had a date this week for appeal but they cancelled it for another ten weeks, nightmare ??
  • GizmoTiddles
    GizmoTiddles Member Posts: 143 Pioneering
    edited July 2018
    Hi @bizzielizzie
    Noticed yesterday a group of "Scope" collectors out and about in our area all volenteers I believe.
    As to the scope lottery I do it by direct debit every month ( not won yet  :D) but maybe one day ,but the money all going here info and help and advice on this forum .
    How to sign into it /apply

    GOOD Advice on things I had no knowledge about on the subject of PIP over 65 and tranfering from DLA 
    Advice that helped me win first time Award 
     Enhanced on both elements for a 10 period.
    And mostly good helpful people 

    So welcome 
  • Liam_Alumni
    Liam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 1,105 Pioneering
    Hi @bizzielizzie,

    Welcome to Scope's online community! :)

    Sorry to hear about the issues your husband's been having with his PIP appeal. We have a dedicated category on our community about Personal Independence Payment which you may find interesting and useful. 
  • bizzielizzie
    bizzielizzie Member Posts: 11 Connected
    Thank you so much for your comments ??


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