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My pain stops me from doing any activities. Or does it?

Nigelrl Member Posts: 31 Courageous
Some very kind people have said I have a positive outlook. Thank you is it so hmmmmmm.
OK those who read my blog, {that sorted your insomnia}, will have seen I did a care plan for errrrrrr me. 
A major point of grieving my lost life was activities esp physical. CRPS stoped all I loved. I'm so lucky I live next to a Loch and hills around me. There I was free I even had a thinking rock 500ft up, many hours spent there. All this had gone. Only a few years back I played squash and footie. I also missed the comradeship so much.
I have had an interest in yoga for a few years and tried the apps and ya tube  It felt good but something was missing. So I contacted a few yoga groups re seated yoga  All declined  I think CRPS scared them. Hey old man in chair with muffled pain sounds spoil the ambience  
I take a gentleman to some community groups  So one day I was bouncing around gaggle and my eye stopped on qigong. Aye didn't that announce dinner? 
Made contact with a brilliant lady who did some research on CRPS and stated I just might gain something from qigong. Oh sorry its a form of tia chi.
The group relaxation was and is superb. It helps me focus on other parts of the old bod. The 8 brocades involve slow yet toning muscle movement.  Breathing is a major part as well.
What do I get from it? Well I'm exercising but in doing Sony foot is at back of the queue. It adds power to me and that sore neck and shoulder aren't soo bad now. Add all that to its a group so I can inflict my poor sense of humour on 
So result is a happier, energised me. Oh BTW its so good to say oi CRPS up yours
Sorry its a long read here's to a lpd (low pain day) for all



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