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I have been out of work for 20year. Was at work 6 years previously before I was out of work. I had to go on sick from work they paid I think 6 months me being off ****. Then I claimed incapacity benefit. Then I filled a form in and they put me in the contribution based esa support group. I was on middle rate dla and low mobility. Afyer I claimed incapacity benefit. I was put on esa in 2013. Since then I am on enhanced daily  living. And low rate mobility. I have never lived with anyone and no one claims carers for me. Am I on the right benefit. Of esa.   


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    You're on the right benefit yes but it looks like you were never assessed for the Income Related top up. The premiums available on ESA are Enhanced disability premium which is £16.40 per week on to of your ESA. There's also a Severe disability premium (SDP) payable if you claim Mid/high rate Care DLA, Daily living PIP or AA, no one must claim Carers Allowance for looking after you and you live alone. This would be an extra £64.30 on top of your ESA.

    You need to ring ESA and ask them to send you an ESA3 form so you can be assessed for the Income Related top ups. The SDP will need to be claimed once you've been assessed, providing you still claim the qualifying benefit because it's not automatically payable. Just so you know, no face 2 face assessment is needed, just fill the form in once you receive it.