Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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Income Related Back Pay

Hello and Thank you for letting me join this forum :). I just need ask about the income related top up that i have missed out on since 2011.
DWP have been paying me the topup since April the 12th 2018 after i sent back the ESA3 form i asked about the back pay and they said they have sent my request for the back pay to another department and it should be done with in 3 months.
I rang them last Thursday to be told they had missed me out and someone would ring me with in 2 days but im still waiting they also said my back pay was very low priority :( .
Its been over 3 months now and im starting to think they are never going to give me what im owed they keep passing me from one department to another it takes solong to get through on the phone starting to think it might be easier just to give up and not bother :(.
Any advice or thoughts would be really appreciated,
                                                                           Thank You 


  • susan48susan48 Member Posts: 2,229 Disability Gamechanger
    dont give up, your entitled to that back pay and think of how much it will help you financially.

    I know it takes so long to get through but I’d call every day and also I’d be emailing or calling your MP to raise some questions regarding your situation.

    Please don’t give up though, phone them every day and your local MP
  • wilkowilko Member Posts: 2,294 Disability Gamechanger
    @anth22,  no don't give up keep phoning every few days if need be or contact your MP for their help. If the DWP staff where owed wages they would be kicking up a fuss so why can't we do the same.
  • anth22anth22 Member Posts: 58 Courageous
    Thank you both so much for your replies i will ring again later today and update you all.
  • anth22anth22 Member Posts: 58 Courageous
    Well i rang DWP again got an answer after 1 hour and 20 mins to be told the last person i spoke to had put nothing on my records for a call back :(. So the lady i spoke too said she will get them to ring me before 3pm tomorrow but like i said to her thats what the last lady said to me.
    So heres hoping i get that call tomorrow because im fed up with the excuses they keep giving me just because they seem to not want to pay whats owed to me.
    Is anyone else on this forum having the same issues and has anyone received their IR top up back pay and how long did it take to receive it.

  • susan48susan48 Member Posts: 2,229 Disability Gamechanger
    Hope you get your call back and some questions answered 
  • anth22anth22 Member Posts: 58 Courageous
    Hi yes i got my call back to be told that no email had ever been sent to the department thats dealing with the back pay so all this time its been lie after lie, they have been treating me like a sub human :(.
    DWP have said they are sending a  priority email to the right department straight away as none off this is my fault,  but even though its been over 3 months already they can not say when the back pay will be sorted.
    Thinking maybe i should email my local MP but do you think it will help?
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger
    anth22 said:

    Thinking maybe i should email my local MP but do you think it will help?
    Yes, that's always worth a try. It worked for me when i was waiting for my backpay a few years ago. DWP were being extremely awkward, like yourself i couldn't deal with the stress anymore. Contacted my local MP, had a call from DWP later that day. 3 days later all my backpay was in my bank. Good luck and i hope you get it sorted soon!
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  • Luv44Luv44 Member Posts: 17 Connected
    Think I must have been lucky to get my enhanced disability premium backdated before the stated 12 wks.. 
    The government has now made a U turn and stated they will now backdate it to the date of when people were converted from inc benefit to ESA .. These were Esther Mcveys words in parliament last Wednesday.. 
    so I will be waiting for the rest of what is owed to me..

  • TopkittenTopkitten Member Posts: 1,263 Pioneering
    I was absolutely disgusted by the treatment I received from the ESA group. My last claim for DLA took 20 months, 2 appeals and also contacting the Upper Tribunal. Only when the final decision was made was I allowed to claim ESA at all. The DLA was back-dated 20 months with no problem. I argued with the ESA group about having my ESA claim back-dated. Initially they took the stance of no back-dating allowed. When I wouldn't give up they agreed I could backdate it but only 3 months. Then it took over a month to find out who to contact about it which turned out to be a lie. After 5 months I gave up without ever getting it backdated at all. Basically they stole £6,800 odd from me at a time when I was trying to clear debts that accrued during the claim period and also having to buy equipment (like a wheelchair) to help with my everyday living. As far as I know they are now even worse when dealing with people, trying to save money by refusing to pay valid amounts of benefit under various nefarious means.

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  • anth22anth22 Member Posts: 58 Courageous
    Finally got somewhere :) rang DWP yesterday and was given a number for the people dealing with my back pay :) rang them this morning and spoke to a woman who said she had my paper work right in front off her she asked me a few questions and said she will do my back payment claim today :)
    She said i should receive payment within the next 3 weeks as they are just waiting for the legal letter to say ESA IR payments can be back dated to 2012, its taken over 3 months but at last the end is near lol.
  • Luv44Luv44 Member Posts: 17 Connected
    Hi anth22,
    im so pleased your nearly at the end of your nightmare journey.. 
    After I gave them all my details on the phone they said approx 12wks to process my payment into my bank acc.. it was quicker than that so keep checking your bank acc.. I was doing this daily 😃
    Now I’m waiting for further payments prior to Oct 2014..
    Good news for a change 
  • anth22anth22 Member Posts: 58 Courageous
    Thank you Luv44 :) DWP did say today they are also sorting out the the back pay for people who were paid from Oct 14 :) hope they do not keep you waiting to long :).
  • anth22anth22 Member Posts: 58 Courageous
    Well that was an interesting call to DWP today they are saying they still do not have the letter from the legal side off things for the arrears, so ive emailed the DWP legal Department to ask what kind off time scale are they looking at for this letter to be received by DWP so myself and others can get our arrears owed to us.
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