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£570 a month extra

fionah Member Posts: 7 Listener
HI I came across political campaigning info that states disabled people spend on average £570 a month extra on cost of living expenses.  It occurred to me if you're on standard rates for PIP this average figure exceeds it.

I know it was a Scope statistic but can somebody please provide more info. I'm interested to know more. When this study was done and more ino please.

I can see why if there is a device that makes life safer and easier then you'd automatically want it. I also think perhaps some costs are hidden.

For me I've spent a lot of money on private hearth care to treat Lyme disease because I cannot get antibiotics GP prescribed. 

I am curious about others expenses. 

I don't judge by the way and know health is first and foremost and if you're strigging you have to find a way of helping yourself. 

Sadly this became an issue between us and my husband cited it in the divorce petition that I was spending money we couldn't afford to the extent of not affording to do work on the house (he made excuses) and not affording to go away we went to Barcelona for 3 nights before he left). He said I'm not working therefore it is unaffordable. I was paying from my benefits.


  • tommy2k17
    tommy2k17 Member Posts: 28 Connected
    Disability Living Allowance is the wrong name as you can't live on it, and PIP will be the same!
  • fionah
    fionah Member Posts: 7 Listener
    I agree if the average spend is so high then no the old DLA or PIP won't cover it. Working on the basis that they avoid giving enhanced rates if they can help it, this leaves a lot short. PIP is also a sneaky disabled cut in comparison to DLA. 
  • Richard_Scope
    Richard_Scope Posts: 3,176 Scope online community team
    Hi @fionah
    A very warm welcome to our community. Here the research that Scope conducted into the extra costs of living with an impairment. It is called The Disability Price Tag

    If I can help further let me know :)

    Specialist Information Officer and Cerebral Palsy Programme Lead

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  • fionah
    fionah Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Just the info thanks. I've shared it on social media. Some costs are hidden like the heating but if you're home all the time and can't cope with the cold and cannot be active heating is similar to being an elderly person.

    From experience I know everybody wants your money. Eg £500 for an office chair which was supposed to be good for your back and neck (I couldn't spend that).

    If some need specialist clothing I can see that would become expensive.
  • feir
    feir Member Posts: 395 Pioneering
    edited July 2018
    I'd say my expenses are low(ish) but i'm also housebound, when i need to be mobile this costs me £10 in taxis locally and i'm also restricted about where i can go (stairs are out of the question). I buy nappies in bulk so they're cheaper, also use things like joint supports (bandages) and they're quite cheap as the poundshop has them and a friend will get me new ones when they are in town so i don't have to struggle trying myself nor pay for a taxi into town and back, he also sorts out new prescriptions for me and every week asks me if i need anything in town so that i am not struggling. I got myself some crutches off a site that i was using as a carer so got those tax free. The crutches are useless at the minute as my shoulders are painful, did try and walk back from the doctors and messed myself up doing that. I really need PIP (the mobility component) to be able to access a chair for myself to be able to enter back into able bodied society, this is likely to be my biggest expense. Of course i need a phone now to call for taxis and remain in contact with hospitals/doctors/111, and i need an internet connection as i rely on that for everything at home, listening to music and socialising. I do buy things like alcohol wipes and iodine because this is actually cheaper than getting a taxi to the doctors to get a prescription for them. We do have our water meter capped at just over £400 a year, and when i get the bills for those that is the only time i am without money and have to cut back for a few weeks. I'm happy with my finances overall apart from not having a chair to use so that i am able to go out. I do use en electric blanket to keep warm to save on costs rather than try to heat a house, and as i am not very mobile this is fine.

    The phone and internet are seen a necessities outside of being disabled as well, it's just i am more reliant on them than someone who is mobile.

    Even without the extra expense of a chair my monthly expenses are over £200 a month on a regular basis, some of my medical supplies last longer than a month also and are cheap so i've not included those either (iodine, wipes, and bandages). I don't spend money on entertainment while there's so much for free on the internet.

    I sleep on a beanbag, had it two years and it's becoming irreparable and the cover needs replaced, it cost me £40 at the time, i think having a bigger one would be better now as well as my physical state has changed since i bought it and my neck needs more support, plus in the night i keep ending up flat on my back which causes both my neck and lower spine issues and pain with those. Also bigger expenses have had to be sacrificed for disability needs, we have no sofa at this time, only just been able to afford an hoover last month (and that was only £25) after not having one for quite some time, but i always prioritise things like the washing machine. Big necessary expenses basically make us poor now but i can't afford to go to brighthouse and waste money there so i don't, i could get some bigger items for free although these items tend to be in poor condition so i do not. I haven't relied on loans up to now but am tempted to sometimes. I do try and save up but my bills take that when they come, i also did not include expenses like taxis as they are variable and have no idea how to work out how much extra electric we use now, we seem use double the amount of most people i know.


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