Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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ESA Assessment.

Just been for my review assessment and the assessor seemed to have missed out half of the descriptor Qs.  I wasn’t asked did I have a dog, what I did all day, anything about the depression I suffer or how it affects me.  She didn’t ask much about my chronic back pain either and seemed to focus most of the interview on my constipation and laxatives.  I tried to explain that I sometimes lose my bowel contexts due to the laxatives needed to relieve the constipation I suffer due to the side effects of amount of painkillers I take.  She was quizzing me on why I haven’t gone to see a bowel expert.   I wouldn’t need one if it wasn’t for my meds binging me up.  Why do you think she missed out half the Qs?


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    Hi sandraM,

    Unfortunately a lot of people find that the assessor who assesses them hasn't done a very thorough job, and that is why there are so many claims refused and why so many are successful at tribunals.
    There is, of course, the possibility that the assessor has only asked you about certain things because they already have enough information on the questionnaire that you would have filled in.
    Please try not to worry about it as you don't know what the decision will be yet, you may be surprised. But if the decision doesn't go your way please post again and we can advise you of the process to follow.

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