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Hi, my name is dazsam69!

dazsam69 Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi I was wondering if you clarify with me the time scale when I can reapply for a higher rate mobility award 
I was awarded high rate care and low rate mobility I appealed against the mobility  however my date for the tribunal was only two weeks after my spinal operation ( this was in December 17) they did not award me it.As I could not attend and agreed they make the decision in my absence and had already waited six months for the date.
i have degenerative spinal disease the op has not been a success and I need further ops to try and rectify this and also furthers ops in other areas of my spine my mobility has deteriorated further can I reapply for the higher rate mobility due to changes that have occurred and how do I go about this I am still on low rate mobility and high rate care 
thank you


  • Ami2301
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    Hi @dazsam69

    Welcome to the community!

    Sorry to hear that your mobility has deteriorated. Many members of our community have gone through the same situation you are in (PIP related) I am sure they will reply  with their advice soon.

    Sorry I don't have any experience with issues to do with PIP but I just wanted to make you know that your post hasn't gone unnoticed.

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  • thespiceman
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    Hello   @dazsam69   Pleased to meet you welcome.

    Thank you for sharing and I would add please do not know the answer. I just wanted to welcome you. I may add also one our community members will know and may in the future a member of our team.

    Sorry about what has happened I do not understand the benefit system . Why you were awarded not higher rate.?

    I would advise look at our advice and information on Talk about PIP or DLA.  If there are answers in any of the posts.

    The benefit system is complex and confusing. I would it is possible seek the advice of CAB for further information if that helps.

    One other solution is look at the DWP website for clarification and other information. You might have to speak to them. For some answers. Just another suggestion.

    Please take care and wish you well for your operations and a speedy recovery.

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