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Hi, my name is louise_mann69!

louise_mann69louise_mann69 Member Posts: 3 Connected
I suffer from chronic pain and fatigue, trying to make adjustments to my life, such as having to reduce the hours I work. Also suffer with depression and anxiety.


  • Ami2301Ami2301 Community Co-Production Group Posts: 7,492 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @louise_mann69

    Welcome to our community!

    We are all here for you, you are not alone :)

    I suffer with anxiety and depression too, as do many of us. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like a chat :)

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  • Jason01Jason01 Member Posts: 20 Connected
    Good afternoon.  I hope you have a great day .
  • louise_mann69louise_mann69 Member Posts: 3 Connected

    Despite having little sleep over the last few days, I'm not too bad. Glad it's cooler! I can't handle the heat anymore.

    I need to look into benefits as it looks like my partner will not be able to work anymore and I can only work part time.

    Keep being told I should get PIP but need to work out what and how do describe what I suffer from.

    Hope you're both having a good day xx
  • April2018momApril2018mom Posts: 2,869 Member

    Perhaps you should install a aircon system in your house. It might help you feel cooler on hot weather days. And yes apply for any benefits you are eligible for as well. Have a look at PIP descriptors and activities first and decide which ones apply to you. 
  • April2018momApril2018mom Posts: 2,869 Member
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  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @louise_mann69   Pleased to meet you welcome. I understand the problems you are having as do a lot of the community.

    Please can I recommend you have come to the right place. We are a supportive community. I would first try to get much advice and information what do you need.

    The benefit system is so confusing and complex. Have a look at Talk about PIP and DLA. Also may I say look on line especially DWP websites for current qualifying criteria.

    Speak to CAB who can help with lots of the forms and much anything else benefits. Please advisable to consider what other support you may require.

    Do you need support worker or other mental health support. Just they are very good to help with mental health conditions you have. Remember you can find on line a variety of mental health support.

    They can offer a variety of support and help, advice from benefits to dealing with your conditions. Whether health well being courses or other practical advice on sleep and medication plus a number of other health solutions.

    Something to consider. All I can say worth a look .  Having been involved in many mental health charities. 

    I am always on the forum . Glad to help anytime. Have a look around .  Anything I can help with please ask I am always happy to do so.

    Please take care

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  • louise_mann69louise_mann69 Member Posts: 3 Connected
    Thanks @thespiceman for all of that. I have my blue badge which in Warwickshire, you don't need to be in receipt of a particular benefit to get, which is a fab help. Although as those of us know, it frustrates the hell out of us when, 'scuse the language, wankers use the spaces that don't have a blue badge. 
  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @louise_mann69 Thanks for reply. Yes it is a problem and a minefield of confusion out there for all of the community. No apologies needed. Language.

    Understand the frustrations. This morning Government have decided to say members of our community who have  disabilities like mental health issues or autism qualify for blue badges.  Comes into force next year.

    Great and long over due.  All still to councils discretion.

    Always applied for blue badge and it seems every time more of an arduous task to apply. On line now which might be beneficial for all of us.

    Lets hope so.

    One last thought do think need more observation of car parking for those who do park in a bay.  Who are not disabled and have no blue badge. Finding this more and more increasingly frustrated.  Mentioned this before certain States in America.

    Have laws that are applied to those that park in bays who are not disabled.  Have no disabled park permit..

    Please keep in touch and let the community know how you are. What is happening. Of course feel free to comment on anything on the forum.  All helps others may I add.

    Great to talk to you speak to you .

    Take care

    Community Champion
    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.
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