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Advise need asap please

shazier Member Posts: 82 Courageous
today ii had a lady from the disabilty information to help with my pip form. She hasnt wrote anything on my form apart from just ticked the boxes that say no change and wrote my  my new condition down. She has advisd me not to send anything eles because she said, the dwp already have all the information from when i had my assesment and medical back in 2015. She said because ther has been no change there is no need to write anything and could trigger something of? Im worried sick because of the advise i have already been given. and it has to posted today. I dont know if i should send the info on my conditions or not? it is only going to say the same but should i repeat all the information again that i sent in 2015. 


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 31,407 Disability Gamechanger

    Do you still have your forms? If you do then don't be fooled by the tick boxes. You need to put as much info as possible about your condition and how it affects you. You also need to send relevant evidence with your claim because they very rarely contact anyone for this. The onus is on you to make sure it's sent, whether it's a first claim or a review.

    If you have evidence that's newer than 2015 then i'd send that as well providing it's relevant to your conditions and how they affect you. They may not accept that evidence as it's more than 2 years old. I've heard plenty of times that evidence older than this won't be accepted. To be sure, back it up with more recent evidence. Good luck.
  • wrinkly65
    wrinkly65 Member Posts: 28 Courageous
    agree not likely to access old papers if they still have . send everything relevant and give effect has on you always repeat action at each stage until you get someone who does look properly, have found do not contact doctors etc. you are best getting up to date letters and evidence from them to send .Good Luck
  • shazier
    shazier Member Posts: 82 Courageous
    thank you for replies. i dont have any up to date evidence that i can send, the ony thing i have is a letter from jan this yr which states some of my conditions and that i would need  home assesment. thats all my gp put. I ask her to write me  supporting letter but she has refused, i even offerd to pay for it, she still said no and said, if dwp want any information they can write to her. shes not supportive at all. She said with the conditions i have there not going refuse me my benifits, she knows nothing by the looks of it. Yet she says, if it ended up going to tribuneral she will support me??  i have only seen her a handful of times so she doesnt really know me anyway but, there is information that my last gp of 20 odd yrs. My daughter has written down all my conditions and the sympton and a few pages of how they affect me and how the help I need. apart from that i only have a couple of letters about my heart conditions, Im so worried. I Can resend all the info I sent last time and the report from my medical from atos
  • Topkitten
    Topkitten Member Posts: 1,285 Pioneering
    Whenever I read replies like this it makes me worry because when I put my application I had no documentary evidence to send apart from letters stating where and when my appointments would be. I tried to get something from the GP surgery but I was told that I would have to pay and it would be a 1 page letter and would take 6 weeks to prepare. When I told them I had to have it in 3 weeks I was told nothing could be done in that time. I don't have any result reports because no doctor has ever really understood my condition enough to risk writing one, in case they got it wrong. The result reports were sent to the GP but I was told that my notes were too be sorted out in the time frame. My file is evidently more than 3 inches thick.

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