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Pseudomonas antibiotics whilst Optiflow dependant

AuntyLamb Member Posts: 3 Listener
Hi everyone,
I just wondered if anybody had any experience with the dreaded Pseudomonas superbug when antibiotics no longer work.
Just a bit of background info - My 9 year old niece Kaydie-Leigh, is hospitalised due to multiple seziures and problems with SATS. Kaydie is spastic quadriplegic, epileptic, blind, deaf and tube fed with a history of damaged lungs due to pseudomonas.
This is the 3rd time the infection has shown itself.
The first time she got it, it put her on oxygen, second time, on optiflow, this time, she is already on 21 litres of optiflow just to keep her SATS normal.
Kaydie's parents were told yesterday that antibiotics are no longer working and that it may just be a case of keeping Kaydie comfortable  :'( The consultant then went and spoke to the microbiologist who recommended trying a new drug - these are Ceftolozan and Tazobactam.
Has anyone tried these or had any experience with them?
It has taken 24hrs for the hospital to get hold of these drugs so we're hoping she starts them today.
As appose to Kaydie already being om Optiflow permanently, is the Pseudomonas likely to worsen the lungs to the point she'd need ventilation?
Any info/opinions or experience would be very much appreciated.
You can also follow Kaydie on Facebook (Kaydie's Voice).



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