Spinal stenosis, do I have CRPS?

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Hi all I'm Jeanette ( Jan) for short I suffer with spinal stenosis I have had 2 metal rods 4 cages and 8 screws inserted in my lower spine it was done in 2012 at first thought this is great I could actually stand up... but since then I'm now in constant pain all down right side the discs are now going at my neck which the nerve is trapped on the right arm this causes my hand to swell up and it's just about useless I'm on patches .. pregabalin .. amitriptyline... and duloxetine... and other meds for kidney problems.. on the 4th of December 2017 I had a Tia small stroke  but if anybody out there could give me some info on crps i.e. how to find out if I'm suffering from this as my nerve pain on left side is getting so unbearable I just feel like kicking a brick wall I'm sorry for the long post but if anybody out there could help I would be so grateful  .... 


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    Hi @Jancan61, welcome to the community and thank you very much for sharing this with us. I am sorry to hear about the amount of pain that you are in. I hope someone in the community is able to advise on this.
    I have found the symptoms for CRPS but you may find it useful to find people on here who have experience. We are not medical professionals but can definitely offer moral support!
    Hope you have a lovely day :) 

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    Welcome to the community, @Jancan61

    I know from others that CRPS is a really debilitating condition and that early intervention can make such a difference, so I'd definitely recommend speaking to a GP about your concerns. Please do keep us updated and let us know how you get on!
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    Thank you so much and I sure will keep you informed  ty