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scooter - Motability v outright purchase

I believe that a scooter is needed! I can't get one on PIP from Motability as the so so generous DWP decided that I no longer have any care or mobility issues following a review earlier this year. They down graded me from Enhanced Mobility & Care to nothing.

OK out of interest I checked on the Motability site to see what was available on the market and then looked at the independent suppliers to get an on the road cost.

I found one that looks and sounds good - just small lightweight model so that I can put it in the shed when not in use.

I saw that for the same model and spec Motability were expecting a weekly amount of £13.00 to be paid to lease it for 3 years.
However to buy one new from an independent supplier the on the road price is just over £600.
This would come with an extended warranty and after the 2nd year I could continue with the repair & recovery insurance at a cost of £27 a year.

None of this makes any sense. Motability would be getting £676 a year, that is £2028 over the 3 year lease, whereas if I bought my own it would cost in the region of £630.
Either I have my figures wrong which I doubt very much or Motability are charging way over the odds for the scooter.

Is this normal?

I only ask as I am worried that there are some other 'hidden' costs involved by buying one outright


  • SethLaa
    SethLaa Member Posts: 111 Courageous
    I looked into prices of scooters on 'Motability' and yes @Yadnad you are correct with regards private purchase and the different ''high'' fees charged by Motability, what a rip off 
  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,449 Disability Gamechanger
    I bought my own before I was awarded basic mobility on PIP a class 3 on eBay from a dealer in st Austsl Cornwall with free delivery for £900 the model a drive medical envoy 6 lovely scooter highly recommend it. I now got a used kymco maxer as I do a lot of off pavement semi rough ground rides dog walking. The envoy wear every where I wanted never got stuck. There are several retailers who sell ex mobility scoters, mine had done over 900 miles sounds a lot but as I do between 5 &7 miles a day equates to 1800 to 2500 miles a year so for a two to nearly three year old one has to be good. Adding a top range insurance package less than £70 per year with no excess to pay and £150 towards each punture repair. Yes you get annual service repairs if needed insurance but you have your money and take your chose. Having bought mine and sold my previous one losing only £350 over 20 months means three months PIP money has payed for it then add £70 insurance why bother hiring unless you need a specific type of scooter.
  • exdvr
    exdvr Member Posts: 331 Pioneering

    Hi @Yadnad,

    You can buy a good mobility scooter plus 3 years insurance/breakdown cover for somewhat less than £900 total, equivalent to £25 per month.  I'd suggest searching Motability for something that fits your requirements and then go elsewhere to buy it.  Motability, what a rip off as @SethLaa said.

    Best wishes.


  • SethLaa
    SethLaa Member Posts: 111 Courageous
    The scooter I got (private purchase) does what I need it to do and only cost me approx £450 with additional £65 per year for insurance and breakdown. I always do as you say @exdvr and never LTBGMD (i got that straight away lol)
  • April2018mom
    April2018mom Posts: 2,868 Connected
    I researched Motability cars and scooters on the site and eventually decided to order elsewhere. I checked prices on their website and I was shocked. You can get a decent mobility scooter on Amazon or from specialist companies that specialise in mobility aids. Motability cars are astronomical. We got our son’s first ever wheelchair and his first pair of leg braces privately. Additionally there are care companies that provide mobility assistance to physically disabled adults and children. My tip is to do a lot of research and make notes. Also ask questions. 


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