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Spinal stimulator implant

brentusbrentus Member Posts: 25 Connected
Good morning all,in the next few months im having a trial,then hopefully a permanent spinal implant fitted. Its a relatively new model,high frequency rather than the usual low frequency.  Its a Nevro hf10 system,im just wondering if anyone has had one fitted or even a different spinal  stimulator fitted? If so how effective is it and what are the down sides to them. Thanks in advance for any replies.


  • jaggeejaggee Member Posts: 11 Listener
    I am also about to receive the same stimulater implant and am interested if anyone can give more information regarding this procedure.
  • brentusbrentus Member Posts: 25 Connected
    Hi jaggee,can i ask whereabouts or in which hospital your going to have the procedure please?
  • jaggeejaggee Member Posts: 11 Listener
    Hi , i live in Croydon Surrey, and the procedure will be around St Thomas hospital in london.
  • brentusbrentus Member Posts: 25 Connected
    Thanks for replying. Mines being done at Preston Hospital.Trial stimulator being fitted in next 2 months. Good luck i hope it works well for you.Would be nice to hear from people a bit further down the line,i suppose it depends how common it is, i know spine stimulators have been around a long time but i think this nevro one is more recent.
  • brentusbrentus Member Posts: 25 Connected
    I had a very successful trial of the Nevro implant in October and have just heard that my permanent implant is being fitted on the 12th February, yes this year!, and it will be activated 10 days later. I cant wait,hopefully its just as effective and i can start to reduce my medication. Then im looking to retrain and get back to work. I would recommend this kind of treatment to anyone,usually its a last option,down to costs i think,and was told you usually had to be in the pain management system for going on 15 or 16 years before its offered, but i cant see that really,i was only in it 13 years. It doesnt work for everyone,two others on the trial had no relief ,whereas i had about 90% pain reduction. All i can say is go for it,its a lifetime commitment from both sides,with batteries lasting about 10yrs,and you do have to recharge every day,but its worth it. Good luck.👍 
  • Pippa_ScopePippa_Scope Member Posts: 5,856 Disability Gamechanger
    That's great news @brentus, really glad to hear you've found something that works so well for you!
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