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Coping with Disability and Illness, by making candles

coach77cfc Member Posts: 3 Listener
 I have many health issues and Disabilities and find it very difficult to cope with day to day living as do others on here its nice we can talk about these things and how we manage day to day living and coping with our problems. I  make candles as a hobby and ways of coping with all my problems the beauty is if it goes wrong you just put it back into the melting pot and start again. I know have a shed in the garden this I need top clear out as its got lots of junk in it, the shed will  be a lot better for me to make them in  as I was using the kitchen to do it on separate hotplates, this was messy and my partner was very understanding about the mess we did cover the oven then stood the hotplates on top of that but still wax found a way down the side of the cooker whoops.  I have mad candles for friends who have lost loved ones and put a photograph of the loved one so they have a lovely reminder of lost one that's very gratifying and gives me great pleasure, I know have over 108 scents to add to the candles no one scent is more or less popular 



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