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Keeping me out of trouble !

My dialysis, whilst appearing to be working fairly well; always clear bags and often a decent volume out, isn't keeping pace with my weight which, currently, is up seven to more kilos above where I'd like it, meaning my stamina is tailing off too quickly. After a couple of sandwiches for lunch, I had a sudden craving for sleep (!) but luckily, on a cycle stand in my living room rested a bike frame I intend to put together for a friend of mine, whispering to me "I ain't gonna paint myself, y'know". So, trying to brush my lethargy aside, I hoisted myself from the sofa (not as easy as it always used to be!) and set about sorting what I needed to move it on a stage. 
The tatty old paint needed flatting down and the bare metal needed a coat of rust killer before some primer-filler which I could smooth out nicely. 
So, I took the plunge, spending an hour or more with emery cloths and wire brushes before several coats of rust killer, drying and a soapy wash to remove the residue. Finally dried and inside again, I think it's a bit too humid to spray today but hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!
Its an interesting frame; I had a Freddie Grubb frame with the same lugs but I'm thinking probably better quality tubes, but this may be a less  exotic Raleigh frame, as Raleigh used to own Freddie Grubb cycles and might have shared the components.
I have the magority of the bits I need for this  project so I'll keep you up to date with the


  • atlas46atlas46 Community champion Posts: 827 Pioneering
    Hi @Smileygotwell

    Well done on your project, do not spray till you get bright sunshine.

    Give it a few coats (at least three) of primer.

    Keep us posted on your project.

    Did I see you in the Tour De France this year, in front of the Welsh guy?
  • SmileygotwellSmileygotwell Member Posts: 30 Courageous
    Ha! Hi @atlas46, not unless you were watching my telly over my shoulder you didn't! Luckily, in my former, healthy state and employment, I did a fair bit of coach painting so am excited to see how well I can remember things and thanks for the advice, which I shall indeed heed. The last cycle I sprayed was my old Stallerd Monthlery but I can't seem to download the picture currently, sorry. 
  • atlas46atlas46 Community champion Posts: 827 Pioneering
    Hi @Smileygotwell

    How strange is that, I did a lot of coach painting for years. Then landed with disabilities, alas no more coach painting.  I can talk you through the process, at any stage of your project, if it helps.

    Lol, the Tour of Britain, came through where I live last year, they are complete fruitcakes! The mechanics hang out of the cars upside down, adjusting/mending bikes, no sane person would.

    The riders, where worse, they have no nerves, whatsoever.

    I would to see the Tour de France!!

  • SmileygotwellSmileygotwell Member Posts: 30 Courageous
    Coincidences again, the Tour of Britain is coming my way next month; I'll do my best to get along and watch! When the peloton bunches up they must have all the synchronicity of the best ballroom dancers. 
    Good to make your aquaintence, @atlas46  !
  • SmileygotwellSmileygotwell Member Posts: 30 Courageous
    After a long wait, the skies lightened enough for me to chance a bit more paint on my frame; I final layer of primer/filler to ensure no metal was bare after the last rub down, then once dry a first coat of the yellow I'm using for the brackets and junctions. Alas, impatience got the better; using yellow top coat on an only slightly browner undercoat ensured she could barely see any change, leading me to 'overspraying' in a few places so as to cause sags so, time to stop! I'll need to rub the runs out when they are hard enough and try again, if and when the weather improves again.
    A shame because it means my impatience wasted a day, but the little gloss that there is does show some more imperfections so a bit of filler putty might be the best answer, I'll see what I can get tomorrow.
    its all good fun anyway and that's the main thing, to be enjoying the process!
  • SmileygotwellSmileygotwell Member Posts: 30 Courageous
    Today's bright weather was welcome and it encouraged me to do my hill walk, a steep twisty mile that gets steeper as it climbs. My best time of under 22minutes was a couple of years ago, since when due to kidney failure my times more than doubled but, since going onto CAPD dialysis they have slowly started falling again. I've managed under 30 mins once a couple of weeks ago before times started climbing again but today I got down to less than 33mins. 
    The return, after a cuppa with friends at the top, was slower; much slower!
    Mmeaning that, rather than mowing, I decided to rub down the frame much more scrupulously so I had the best base I could manage. So, a couple of hours later, hopefully I am ready for the next coat! 
    And, now I'm totally 😴 exhausted!
    of course, when I hung it on the line to photograph, the new position combined with the bright low sun to show more uncorrected bad surfaces (which hopefully have now been attended to as well!) I'll need to get more paint tomorrow, along with fuel for the mower, cos I can't keep putting that off!
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