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Wanting to do my own friendship and dating agency

Sholay09 Member Posts: 91 Courageous
Hello I have came up with a plan and an idea about creating my own friendship and dating agency in Birmingham for people with learning disabilities and that caters for all sexualities including like LGBT who are over the age of 18 like Stars In The Sky in Worcestershire, Meet 'N' Match in Lancashire and Luv 2 Meet U in some places in the UK just to name a few. I have asked some people from the LGBT Centre in Birmingham whether if they would help me to do this and also to create my own social group for people aged 18-30 and they said that they will talk more about my ideas in September and that they will help me to create my own social group and also a friendship and dating agency for people with learning disabilities. I wanted to ask whether you and the rest of the QAC spark group will also think this is a good idea for me to create a friendship and dating agency in Birmingham?


  • satire62
    satire62 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    I think it's a great plan. Being disabled I find it really difficult to find friends or even somebody to talk to, be it male or female. Not many people understand disability. The problem is with friendship and dating agencies or sites is that you can get a lot of trolls on there that destroy it for others, so I guess it would have to be very strictly monitored, and also you would have to have a helpline on the telephone or online in case anybody has any difficulties with people who come on there. You should also make it so that non-disabled people are allowed to participate as there are many non-disabled people who are happy to chat and date disabled and vice versa, but it would have to be strictly controlled. I have attempted setting up a few but have never been successful.


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