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kent county council scrap case managers in dehumanising downgrad of disabled peoples help s services

desabled Member Posts: 8 Listener

Today i got an esa50 to to repeat for the thousandth time all the info they have been given time and again over the years since i jumped off a multi-storey car park to&|became severely disabled  with my  my cpn support scrapped because of cuts i get very stressed when i get these forms as i have visual spacial deficit causing me to tick wrong boxes answer  the wrong question so I try to get organised phoned my social worker , no reply went on to kcc website, rang the centralised number to find they've changed the system again without telling the service users dwp unhelpfully sent out the esa 50 forms just before a bank holiday reducing the opportunity for those who need help to get iti ring the number, no reply press5 for a ring back request available on the number try again to get through to be told no more cae managers anymore have to ring someone you don't know to discuss very personal info, potentially i ask for help with myesa50 i'm told i';d be refereed elsewhere and get a call back my anxiety is through the roof rang betweeen 9 &|10 ami t's now 5.45 so won't get called back. Tomorrows the friday before a bank holiday,so won't hold my breath looks likevthis will hang over me like a sword of damocles,until Tuesday at the earliest yet another kick in the teeth for disabled people from a tory authority who treats us as an underclass don't know how much more i can take universal plucking discredit is around the corner Esther mcvile continues iain duncan-smug's pogrom against the uk's disabled i honestly don't know how much more of this **** i can take thanks wow, black triangle the Samaritans and cab for all you do & Jeremy Corbyn for giving just a little hope belif for disabled people since  q010 has been one ooftruggling for financial||||&mental survival amid attack after attack on income on ourself worthby constantly asking for proof provided 1000 times before the tacit accusation of lying
 survival amid attack after attack from a bullying govt. Who pick on hose who ca 't fight because of the tories disdain for disabled people I often wish I had not survived newsflash Esther Mcvey for those of us disabled over q0 years or for life conditions actuality does not change no number of wasteful cruel assessments will improve the abilities we've lost we have been condemned, by the self-centred conservative party to the status of underclass to be obstructed it's indecent un British cruel and bullying it won't stop until the may regime is gone at every opportunity to get the benefits to which we are entitled with benefits underpaid by billions any notion this government cares is lost please share


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