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Will scope support other anti discrimination organisations?

newbornnewborn Member Posts: 657 Pioneering
Liberty currently displays a letter signed by many organisations, concerned that there is an option for future politicians to  remove disability rights. 

 They also draw attention to the fact there is no current protection from unjustified prejudice -based dismissal of disabled people in the workplace, when the work is unpaid.    Voluntary work may be the only type suitable or available, and is often extremely important in people's lives.

Scope makes splendid  efforts, of course, but there is no obvious 'involvement record',  of Scope joining the unified campaigns which stand a chance of being taken seriously by legislators.   

Why is the name Scope not among signatories to the anti discrimination letter on the Liberty site?


  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,662 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @newborn and thank you for this. Which campaign are you referring to? I have had a look on the Liberty website and cannot find it. If this was forwarded to the campaigns team, and they wished to sign it then we would :) 
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  • newbornnewborn Member Posts: 657 Pioneering
    16 July 18 ' 20 groups ' re transport.

     Plus 'bringing human rights home,' Long,  but intro in general, and p34 in particular, re potential and/or inevitable  reduction/removal of equality rights now existing, and funding , agencies, appeals, and enforcement opportunities existing currently,  . 

    There is more, spattered through their site,  but tracking it down is heavy going because&

    a) There is One Equality, and It's  Name Is Race.     (Or, for cynics, there is a legal aid funding supply plus an officially funded enforcement scheme for one and  only one of the 'equalities' )     

    b) admittedly, it is a bit uphill to read legalese and leap upon implications,  even if it is  your usual work or hobby
  • newbornnewborn Member Posts: 657 Pioneering
    P's.  I guess I'm suggesting  Scope shouldn't be allowing itself to be splintered from all groups within the relevant multiple areas of interest..

    C.P. and Blind need to be in close harness with MS and and with Deaf, and Age,  and Mind. 

     If cute sick kiddies attract attention and funds,  both state and charitable, then it needs pointing out that there are TWO cliff edges ahead, should those same kiddies live long enough.

    They will  experience dramatic funding and  support withdrawal  on becoming adults, and, incredibly, an openly practiced second age discrimination  bar between adults , and the others  deemed 'older adults'. 

    The latter are, apparently, officially assumed to require virtually nothing beyond 'having some food thrown into their cages'.   
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