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Pain Management Programme - NHS

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Has anyone ever been on one of these? The pain clinic want to send me on one and I’ve not done it yet because of the time I’d need off work. It’s my only option now as I’m on as much pain relief as I can have and still be able to function.

right now I have absolutely no work life balance - I pretty much exist and not much else. I constantly let friends down in favour of going home and lying on my sofa/napping. I’ve been offered morphine patches and other opioids in the past, but they’re not a long term solution for me, plus I simply can’t work/live while taking it from past experience.

was it helpful? Did it make things better? Is it worth taking unpaid leave for?


  • Misscleo
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    Hi in the 80s the pain program was awful but now the staff arnt there to shout.
    Iv been to several programmes since and find them good. 
    It is a commitment you need to go for the 8 weeks or they say they will take you off and give to somone else on the list.
    Iv had acupuncture in 3 of the programmes thats VERY good.
    Now im not in their group i have 1 to 1 which suits my health problems.
    I surggest you go for 2 sessions and then make your mind up
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    Brilliant, thanks. It’s a shame they only run (in my area at least) during the working day. I’m doing everything I can to stay in work and 8 days off work isn’t ideal.
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  • poppy123456
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    Yes, I went a few years ago but unfortunately it didn't help me at all and was a complete waste of my time. Everyone is different though and what might suit one, may not suit another. Try it for yourself because you'll never know unless you at least it. I hope it works for you, if you do. Good luck.
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    This is what I worry about! I think I need to try it, but it’s frustrating that it means using precious annual leave.
  • Misscleo
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    Did they tell you it would take all day. Ie you said 8 days.
    You should only be in there an hour.
    Might be 2 hours 1st time while they talk with you.
     But after that should only be there an hour
    And you may get some good out of it.  
    Like i say try it twice then make up your mind
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    They told me it was half a day each time which likely means a full day off.

    im back on the waiting list for the pain team so will find out when I get my appointment.
  • Topkitten
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    I went to various versions of them about a decade ago and some were very useful others not. Unfortunately it is difficult to figure out which are the most useful until you attend them. They would generally start mid-morning and end mid-afternoon but, as I was already unable to work, this wasn't a problem for me.

    I think I got the most out of the "Pacing" course and a lot from "Relaxation" but did get things from most of them. They are fairly generalised and it is up to the attendee to apply them to specific problems and issues but, if you consider the explanations and suggestions properly, they can be a great help. It will depend a lot on the staff that run the courses though, some are much better than others.

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    Thanks TK. I’ll go in positive and hope for the best. I’ve increased a drug I’m already on and seem to be tolerating it so that’s something at least.


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