RaceRunning in Dorset?

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Hello everyone. Before a series of strokes in the last eight months I was a keen runner , swimmer , cyclist and very active person. I have left sided weakness with balance and coordination problems. However I still want to participate in some sporting activities. I live near Bournemouth in Dorset. I have heard about ' running bikes' , which seem to be a trike frame, with normal size bike wheels,a centrally situated seat for support, no pedals so you just run/ walk inside the frame to propel yourself forward. As far as I can find out there are clubs in the north of england and Scotland but none in Dorset. They seem to be used a lot by adults and young people with Cerebral Palsy and similar conditions. 
Has anyone had any experience of them ?
Does anyone know someone ,living in Dorset who would like to  try one ?


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    Hello @paullambert111   Pleased to meet you.  Welcome.

    Thank you for sharing. I am unsure of an answer to your question.

    Some one in our community will be able to advise. I assume you have looked on line. For some information. Just a suggestion.

    Have you looked at our Practical support and Information.  Leisure and disability Sports.

    All I can say we are a friendly community. Supportive, care, share.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks, I'll keep researching this. I've seen some great videos on these running bikes. People with profound physical difficulties using them and being overjoyed at the freedom they appear to give , whether its just walking more easily or actually getting a running motion going. Seems lije an excellent way to gain and maintain some fitness
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    Hi @paullambert111
    Welcome to the community! This is a fantastic idea and would benefit a lot of people! I haven't had any experience with this so am unable to advise aswell, sorry. I wish you all the best in researching and please keep us updated on your findings!
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    Hi @paullambert111 and a very warm welcome to the community! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us all. I think you're on about RaceRunning. I have mild CP and have had a go on a racerunner as I help to run a charity that offer this service (CP Teens UK). The charity is based in Chesterfield but there is are other taster sessions that are run around the country and are held by CP Sport. Unfortunately, there is only the club run by CP Teens UK in Chesterfield that runs on a weekly basis due to how new the sport is. It has very recently become a Paralympic sport so hopefully there will be more clubs being set up very soon!
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    Hi @paullambert111 - I just wanted to add some information to your queries on RaceRunning - and the link to our clubs on the Cerebral Palsy Sport website is http://www.cpsport.org/sports/racerunning/racerunning-clubs-and-sessions/
    We are just about to add some info on a club in Bath as well. Hope this helps
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    Thanks for sharing this @AliTalbot, and a warm welcome to the community!