I have ASD and dyslexia and I need support and care. How do I get it? — Scope | Disability forum
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I have ASD and dyslexia and I need support and care. How do I get it?

TheRiverKelvin Community member Posts: 8 Connected
edited November 2018 in Autism and neurodiversity
I've been trying to find support or care for issues I have due to my ASD and dyslexia. 

A few things I'd be hoping for help with is someone to come with me when going shopping. I get overwhelmed by the lights and music in shops and supermarkets and have a lot of difficulty navigating my way around them. I don't understand letters I get through from the council, bills etc and don't know how to take action when I need to ending in me getting into financial difficulties, late fees etc. I also find dealing with money difficult and keeping my accounts and bills in order meaning bills don't get paid and I overspend leading to more issues I don't understand how to deal with. I don't understand whats going on when I visit my GP meaning progress and management in my health takes so long as i need to go back to see the GP again and again to understand what I've to do and what he means. I have difficulties communicating, understanding, with money and being outside.

I want support in going to shops, seeing my GP, managing my money/letters/bills. Also when it comes to dealing with JSA ,ESA & PIP which I have going on just now. (Requested an appeal for PIP and ESA a they deemed me fit for work which i disagree with)

I know someone with ASD who has a carer to help him with things he finds difficult. And I want to know how I can access that help.

I went to Enable for help as my dyslexia is bad and they told me I needed a social work assessment.

I called the social work, the first time I called they said they couldnt give me an assessment for what I was looking for but gave me helpline numbers to centres who literaly had no idea why I was passed to them. The second I was told I'd be called to arrange a social work assesment but that was two weeks ago.

Am I doing the right thing? I'm struggling to get help but feel I need and deserve it. I'm about to breakdown. I'm also waiting on an ASD assessment and found out the GP made an error and didn't refer me so I waited 3 months for nothing. The wait for Glasgow is 6/7 months. That's half the time wasted. 

Please help and advice me how I cam get support for these things i find extremely difficult. 

Sorry for the depressing post, it's a bit obvious I'm finding life difficult just now and am depressed as!

Many thanks in advance 



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