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CP in Theatre, film, tv and fiction?

DavidOnline Member Posts: 34 Courageous
Hi everyone

How visible is CP in film, tv, fiction and theatre? If you've read a book or seen a play, film or tv drama, with CP characters, please reply with the name!

I'd also really really like to know your reactions to any that you saw. I wonder how did the portrayals affect you? Did you agree? 

For example, I recently saw Left Foot Right Foot, a play about My Left Foot and why they used a non-CP actor to play someone with CP (Daniel Day Lewis). It's written by someone with CP and includes a CP actor telling everyone what it feels like to have CP. I was very moved.

To me, it felt a validation of my own personal experience to see it articulated on a stage.  I felt empowered. I felt: perhaps now people will understand better how I feel.

I also liked Francesca Martinez's recent radio play, How We're Loved.

I'm writing a play and a novel myself on this subject. 

There should be a CP version of #MeToo!!



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