Invisible impairments
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Do I have fibro?

cuddlywuddlycuddlywuddly Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited September 2018 in Invisible impairments
Hi all...I'm new here  I wonder if anyone could give me any idea if they think this is's a bit long I'm sorry.. im 60 yrs old 3 yrs ago i went to the gym and went a bit over the top trying out all the excersize equipment not knowing at the time my vitamin b12 was very low  the following day i had fasciculations in both calves which i still have they become worse with anxiety which ive had since about my health and after googling fasciculations!.. a few wks later I developed bad pain in my glutes and arm muscles and then sciatica pain down both legs. Which I've had for 3 yrs..a couple of months they went away but always come back especially  if walking or gardening etc...( the arm pains disappeared  6 months later) but leg pains continued always back thighs not really below knees.. I've since had b12 injections that started 10 months ago..the leg pains continue now also at times i get prickly horrible feeling in front of thighs especially when got trousers on..i have no arm muscle pain for over 2 yrs which has just top of arms. My toes now last few months get kind of weird burning feeling and sharp pains in toes..ive seen rheumatologist..who thought mechanical  neurologist. Has no clue and had physio  have had 3 emg tests ..last one was last week..mri of spine. Ct of chest lots of bloods done everything comes back clear..I'm so anxious about what is going folate and ferritin are just inside normal range.. has anyone any idea if this is mechanical or fibro according to your own symptoms ..i suffer no fatigue and up until now slept painfree and well.. just started amitriptyline..sorry its so long and thankyou to anyone who read it all! X


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