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I have been asked for a request for a Tagine. Tagine is a Moroccan Stew .

Usually made with Lamb and dried Fruit .  Prunes or Apricots .  Chickpeas.

This the one I use and make . Usually something different for a Sunday not the boring Roast Chicken.

You can buy Spice Mix called Ras El Han out Seasoning really fragrant use One Table spoon.  Not Spicy hot but fragrant.


You will need the following Chicken thighs.  Two per person

Stock enough to cover meat.  Chicken or vegetable.  Stock cubes fine is gravy granules.

I use roots in this . Do a cheat buy those root packs for soup in the supermarket use those.  Got in it Swede, Carrot, Potatoes and Onion plus Parsley.  

All diced up.  For you and other alternatives are Butternut Squash same can buy it all diced for you. Usually frozen.  Sweet Potato as well. Plus those frozen Root Packs will be OK. I have used them.

Dried Coriander or Parsley 1 TSP.

Add in Garlic Powder1TSP another cheat.

The seasoning Ras EL Han out 1 TBSP.

Turmeric 1TSP

Can use also MIX of following Cumin, Coriander Ground, Cinnamon, Ground Ginger 1TSP of each.

Add to that Paprika 1 TSP.  Turmeric 1TSP.

Tin Chickpeas, Dried Fruit Prunes or Apricots.

Slices of Lemon .

Honey spoonful at the end.


Fry Chicken Olive Oil to a Stockpot  on a moderate heat.

Add Spices coat Chicken plus touch water prevent burning.  Add Lemon slices.

Add vegetables of your choosing.  Cover with stock and simmer for twenty minutes.

Your choose dried fruit to put in this Prunes or Apricots after twenty minutes plus.

Check Chicken add now Chickpeas.  Cover and check everything OK.  After ten minutes

Check now for taste season if have to. Add last minute spoonful honey.

Mix in.

I have used this for slow cooker and it is brilliant .  Added everything in except Chickpeas last minute.  Remember frozen vegetables should be added last because they produce a lot of water.

I defrost first portion in a bowl with boiling hot water poured over. Drained and added last.  Use this for any frozen veg helps to keep the colour like Peas. Use for frozen berries as well.

Serve if you wish with Bulgar wheat or Couscous according to instructions on packet.

Any more requests glad to help. Please ask.


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