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I like to share my Italian recipe for Two way Chicken.

Very easy to do on a weekend and is a cheap eat costs nothing much. Helps me through the weekend.

From this you can make  Minestrone using Chicken.  Chicken  Ragu. 

You will need one Large Chicken 

Slow cooker big enough for the Chicken.  

Boiling Water to cover.

Selection of Vegetables. Use roots, Potatoes, Carrots, Onions,  Swede. anything like that.

Add to that Peas and Green Beans, Zucchini

I use those Root packs for soup in the supermarket.  Frozen Peas and Green Beans, plus Zucchini..

Pasta Shapes any like Penne.  Broken up Spaghetti will down. Tins of White Beans Cannellini or Butter Beans.

Stock make up a pint plus adjust using Vegetable. Stock. A stock cube is fine.

Pack of cubed Pancetta . Herbs Italian seasoning, Salt and Pepper Olive Oil.


Part one . Add Chicken  breast side down to slow cooker with boiling water.  Not all the way up the sides cover on high.  Allow Chicken to poach  .

After about five hours or more test if need to cook longer. Knife should run clear.

Part two .  Fry Olive Oil Bacon or Pancetta cubes.  Brown colour add Vegetables season.  In a Stockpot add Stock.  Add in any shredded Chicken from slow cooker.

Careful will be hot so use utensils.  To shred add in beans and cover.

Cook for around twenty minutes.  Taste add herbs dried Italian mix. One teaspoon, season.  Use if you want Chicken poaching liquid for extra flavour in Stock pot for soup.

Add Pasta use Microwave, Only do this if you are using Penne.  Cover with boiling water . Pyrex dish a portion of pasta add salt. One teaspoon. Five minutes on High. Adjust timings.

Spaghetti put into a tea towel break up and crush add to stockpot will cook through.

Drain add to Stockpot soup, warm through.  Serve.

Part three 

Using any left make a Ragu add Tomatoes Tins chopped or Passata. To any vegetables , Pasta beans .  More Chicken shred in.

Add in any other vegetables of your choice.  Like frozen Peas, Beans, Zucchini.  Spinach.

Always a standby in my Kitchen.  Two way Chicken.  I forget still any left over Chicken made into wraps, sandwiches.  Salads.

Hope that helps any body.

Bueno Appetito.


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