Small victory for me ?

reenie Community member Posts: 23 Contributor
I have been disabled just over a year now. My spine was damaged as a child and decided to take out my left side from my shoulder downwards all of a sudden in 2017. Walking is so hard now. I was a country jogger before this happened.
So my victory...
After a year of frustration with how the nhs works I finally won a round with the never ending policy rules. In my area you can only register with a GP surgery in your enchatchment area . Mine is in a tower block with very tight parking and tiny lifts. Not easy to use my automatic car or mobility scooter there. I found a surgery close to me with much better accessibility. Phoned them, got told I'm not in there area. Waited for the practice manager to contact me who says the same. I asked if there were any special circumstances like my GP surgery not being disable friendly ? Explained my situation. She had to get back to me after discussing with the pen pushers. 
I'm excepted whoop whoop ,as they are the closest surgery with full disability access. She apparently had to discuss it with all the other surgery managers in my area. 
It is such a small thing that takes a huge stress out of my life worrying if my spine will cope long enough for me to be speaking sense when I finally see a GP. 
Hate this disabled life everything seems to be a battle. But hey I won this one after months of worry and blatant nagging ha ha.