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Hi, my name is Fran20458!

Fran20458 Member Posts: 1 Listener
I had my PIP assessment earlier this year previously I was in receipt of the Higher rate of both Disability and Mobility now I am receiving PIP I have lost a large part of my allowances as they have put me on the Standard rate, I had previously been on the Higher rate for around 20 years,I can't be in need of something for 20 years and suddenly be so much better I don't need it any more, I will never get any better but some days are worse than others I was having a good day when I had my assessment, meaning  that I was still in pain but I could move about a little easier on that day, and it seems that is what they assessed me on, not the fact that most days are 10 times worse and sometimes I can't even get out of bed through that pain, these assessments are to take from us money we are actually entitled to, my opinion is that they have brought this PIP in so they have a way to  reduce our money with the Politicians backing instead of catching those who are claiming when there is no need to claim, catch them and the money for real disabilities would not have to change



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