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NHS Wheelchair service

Were i Live in Calderdale our services was Privatised this started off well, but sadley has gone down hill fast with Long delays and chairs not getting fixed right.
But the finger was pointed at the Private company but they had to get rid of a back log from the NHS they were given 3 million for three years this was for Calderdale and Kirkless by the CCCG ) Clinical car comisioning group) but they spent half a million getting rid of the NHS Mess sadley the money has run out with Time Left on there contract so there issueing second hand chairs out if they can, but they wont be taking on the next contact there should of been more money avalable for specialist chairs but not taking it off the others.
We dont need stress from the NHS on getting a chair we have to live with why is it there is a postcode lottery on NHS wheelchairs we need standard rules not guidlines


  • Pippa_AlumniPippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,851 Disability Gamechanger
    Oh I'm sorry to hear this @Northerndj, what a frustrating situation.

    If you're struggling in the meantime, the only thing I can personally think to suggest is perhaps searching for grants you may be eligible for, to see if you can purchase equipment privately instead. You can find a grants search on Scope's website here. I'm also tagging in @Jean_Scope in case she has any ideas!
  • NortherndjNortherndj Member Posts: 7 Connected
    i have looked into grants, but for some reason they never cover the full cost so as for many were on benifits so the money tree at the bottom of the garden has long gone. 
    buying the chair is only half the problem maintance is vital plus as i had the unfortunate issue is if you have to be russhed to hospital your taken out of your wheelchair which is then left on the road side 
    the NHS are supposef to have a emergency recovery of the chair most Electric chairs are worth thousands 
    if this is your chair its a bit dicey leaving your chair 
    so grants are still good but not the best answer unfortunatly people are suffering as there not getting a chair that meets there medical needs 
  • Jean_OTJean_OT Member Posts: 528 Pioneering
    Hi @Northerndj

    Thanks to @Pippa_Scope for inviting me to join the conversation.

    Yep! unfortunately the picture you paint of a postcode lottery of wheelchair provision is correct. There is meant to be an overhaul of the system at some point but I  can't imagine that will be a priority for government time at the moment.

    The Mobility Trust is a charity which will potentially provide the complete funding: https://mobilitytrust.org.uk/

    Also totally take your point about expensive wheelchairs being left behind when people are rushed to hospital by ambulance. I'd always advise those that can afford it to take out an appropriate insurance and recovery policy (example: https://www.1stchoicemobility.co.uk/index.php?act=viewDoc&docId=23 ) but I suspect that it might be difficult to claim successfully if the wheelchair was 'abandoned' at the side of the road.

    Best Wishes


    Jean Merrilees BSc MRCOT

    You can read more of my posts at: https://community.scope.org.uk/categories/ask-an-occupational-therapist

  • NortherndjNortherndj Member Posts: 7 Connected
    Hi jean i am aware of some movement on Provision as my Local CCCG did a Consultation with a Group who wanted to start a Panel on this, so fare the CCCG have said they want to look at the report first.
    The local CCCG gave opcare 3 million when they took on the contract Opcare was not aware of a massive back log it too 1.5 million to clear that on top of there normal referals, now a back log has happend again so they gave 1 million to clear it before the contract runs out.
    Opcare had to take the Stick for the the CCCG not properly awarding the contract sadley staff have now left the sinking ship.
    were pushing for a comunity lead group to take this on but the CCCG are scared we will find out what back room dealing is going on the need to no stuff
  • chrisvanfchrisvanf Member Posts: 64 Courageous
    Hi @Northerndj

    I live in Calderdale as well and was referred to wheelchair services in Elland by my GP over 4 weeks ago, not a word from them yet> 
    My GP recently said that the contractor had run out of funds and does not have sufficient funding to repair or service the chairs they have supplied.

    He has advised me to purchase one if I can and recover the money from the other party (I was involved in an industrial accident) and he will put it on record that he has advised a chair purchase due to difficulties with supply in Calderdale.

    Hope you get sorted.

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  • chrisvanfchrisvanf Member Posts: 64 Courageous
    Finally got the appointment for wheelchair assessment, 6 Dec.
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  • NortherndjNortherndj Member Posts: 7 Connected
    Hope it went well Chrisvanf if not what did they say
  • chrisvanfchrisvanf Member Posts: 64 Courageous
    Hi @Northerndj
    I had my assessment and I was told that my chair should be here by mid January, so we will see what happens.Thanks for asking.

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  • diyjoediyjoe Member Posts: 14 Connected
    The Government has just announced that it intends to pump more millions of pounds into the NHS, some to improve adult services and supply equipment to the aged. This will include wheelchairs.  Unless the NHS remove the words Non Mandatory from their Model Papers on the supply of wheelchairs and oversee the end product themselves some of this money will be lost. In many parts of the country the commercial firms issuing the wheelchairs are making big profits and giving far less than the service intended by the NHS.  The way forward in my opinion is to petition government and have the model NHS papers at present non mandatory, made mandatory. We the users might then receive wheelchairs suitable for our current and future individual needs.

    Personal budgeting should have been rolled out by now in many parts of the country to replace the voucher system but very little is heard about it.  With a personal budget users presumably  could go to any High Street appointed supplier making the market more competitive, perhaps sounding the death knell for the contracted by CCG's private company suppliers. Although its any bodies guess as to what a personal budget will consist of in terms of  money allowed.  

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