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Hi, got my PIP award letter and at least I have been awarded something! However I believe they have ignored a significant part of my issues and just decided other things don’t exist, because I ‘engaged with the assessment’! 
Firstly despite noting in the report that I struggled to stand (even with a stick and support from my partner) and moved ‘very slowly’ they have decided I can walk 20 metres. I plan to appeal this on the grounds that I can neither stand nor walk to a reasonable standard or in a reasonable time. They also decided I could follow a journey unaided because they don’t believe I have cognitive issues based on my presentation at the assessment. Totally ignoring that I suffer chronic fatigue, difficulties with concentration, distorted vision and dizzy spells, making it unsafe for me to drive. I told the assessor that I had been fit to drive on only one occasion in the past month, depending on my partner for any other journeys. 
I wont bore you with all the issues in the daily living part, but it is a similar pattern. Ignoring the fatigue, etc and dismissing my anxiety, pain and depression because I engaged with the assessment, am not taking anti depressants (they didn’t work for me)  and don’t take the full dose of painkillers daily ( they knock me out so wouldn’t help if I did ). 
Just wanted to share my journey really and ask how other people had got on in similar circumstances?
part of me thinks that at least I got something so should I just accept it? But another part thinks that what they want. Probably knew they wouldn’t get away with awarding me nothing so award standard rate and hope I don’t make a fuss? 


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    Being unable to drive because of chronic fatigue, difficulties with concentration, distorted vision and dizzy spells, will not score you any points in following an planning a journey. This is not was this descriptor is about. I advise you to get expert advice before requesting the MR. Contact your local welfare rights for help. Good luck.