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New to fibro

Laura81 Member Posts: 7 Connected
I'm new to the site and generally new to fibro. I was diagnosed 8 days ago.
I've so many questions that I honestly don't know where to start.
I guess we are start out that way though. I'm guessing from the general things I've read that this disease will never go away so that answers the first questions.
I don't know if my meds are right yet or what meds I should be taking as I'm waiting to see my GP.
My main worries right now though are my confusion, memory loss and my struggle to speak properly at times. I'm told it's to do with the fibro but I get complete black spots in my memory. Things I have absolutely no recollection of at all even after being described to me. I get confused easily and at times just fund it difficult to get my words out properly or I'll say something that makes no sense. It's becoming quiet distressing.
Sorry to rabbit on. There's just so many questions I have x


  • jane1973
    jane1973 Member Posts: 175 Pioneering
    Hi @Laura81 welcome  there are lots of people with fibro on here as well as me, I can really understand what you are saying it happens to me all the time, I laugh at myself sometimes as I can say things backwards or I just cannot grab the word I need to say, fibro can be different for everyone and can be quite challenging depending on the flare ups ; stress makes my fibro flare or if I’ve done too much or push myself, you will never be lonely on here 
    Hugz to everyone xx
  • Laura81
    Laura81 Member Posts: 7 Connected
    Hi there
    Thank you for your reply  :)
    I've only had a quick look around this site but it does seem to be very supportive. I hope once I've got to grips with the "new normality" that I'm able to help others out as much as I can. Feels like a rollacoaster at the moment. Do you find that the completely wrong words pop out lol.
    For example, I asked my family earlier if they wanted some of my garlic mayo knowing full well that's not what I had. It was actually curry sauce lol. I do that a lot. Is that fibro related or just me lol x
  • jane1973
    jane1973 Member Posts: 175 Pioneering
    @Laura81 a lot of people say it’s fibro but I cannot speak for everyone, for me I can say things have come out of my mouth that shouldn’t have lol and I get odd looks but all my friends have slowly disappeared as I’ve been unable to socialise so my family think I’m nuts already and they laugh with me, a lot of my problems in my past turned out to be fibro related so when I was diagnosed 2 years ago we could trace it back to in my 20s and I’m nearly 45 !  It is a rollercoaster with fibro, do u get the fatigue and the pain as well? Xx
    Hugz to everyone xx
  • Ami2301
    Ami2301 Member, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 7,945 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Laura81
    Welcome to the community! You've come to the right place for advice and support. I really hope you get all the answers you need! :)
    Disability Gamechanger - 2019
  • Laura81
    Laura81 Member Posts: 7 Connected
    Sorry for the late reply.
    Yea I get horrible fatigue. I nap every day and am in bed early most nights. I get a lot of pain to be honest. I'm waiting to see my GP to review my meds now as I don't think the dosage I'm taking is strong enough. 
    I find it difficult making friends because of anxiety and depression so at times feel really lonely and guilty that I put on my partner so much. He says he understands though and he's more than happy to help xx
  • Laura81
    Laura81 Member Posts: 7 Connected
    Thank you so much ? x
  • debbiedo49
    debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,904 Disability Gamechanger
    @Laura81 hi I have fibro and anxiety and depression so we have lots in common. If you want to message me I will try to help you if I can. Take care 
  • debs1604
    debs1604 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    I have suffered with fibro for 5 yrs now and in one word its a NIGHTMARE i have lost all friends im a total recluse now fibro fog drives me nuts forgetting things i also have spinal stenosis depression and anxiety  to mention just a few lol but can relate entirely to you its a very lonely illness and very painful worse thing i find is the folk who think your making it up  xxx  but love this site  the folj are so friendly and helpful xxx
  • Laura81
    Laura81 Member Posts: 7 Connected
    Thank you for your reply. I'm not the greatest at replying quickly atm. I find myself grabbing moments of good and thinking I can take on the world and the paying for it and ending up in bed exhausted, headachy, earache and all over pain. The fog drives me mad too. I forget what I'm saying mid sentence. Never remember a thing. My partner reminds me of a lot. Some things i have complete black spots of.
    Sounds like you have enough complications too. Spinal stenosis? I don't know what it is but it sounds very sore.
    I've lost friends through anxiety alone. I did start getting to grips with it. Started a career in modelling and then all this started and now I'm becoming a recluse too. 
  • Laura81
    Laura81 Member Posts: 7 Connected
    So sorry for late reply. Thank you for your message. 
    Sounds like we do have a lot in common. 
    Thank you for the offer of help too. I will drop you a message ? x


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