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Should I appeal?

skibar2 Member Posts: 3 Listener
edited September 2018 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Just found this site today, been reading lots of info, all of which seem to be very helpful. I have been pondering on what to do with the PIP decision I got, I had been on DLA for quite a few years, had the lifetime award, low care & high Mobility. After PIP assessment, I was kept on standard care, but also got standard mobility.

Since I first started claiming DLA, I have deteriorated healthwise, with a few more autoimmune conditions, which have impacted on my whole day to day living. I used to drive myself wherever I wanted to go, but since 2015, I have had to stop driving both due to more pain & my legs just not working properly.. Very Jerky, with Foot Drop, so too dangerous for me to either drive, or go out on my own.

 I have had quite substantial memory problems over the past year or so.. But having Fibro, I always put it down to worsening FIBRO FOG, however it felt different.. As my legs got worse my balance got worse, the jerky legs also became weak shaky legs. I also have severe restless legs syndrome, but somehow this still felt different to that even worsening.

Getting on & off my scooter was something I could/can no longer do, as the minute my foot was/is lifted off the ground/floor, it swings from side to side, or just kept/keeps bobbing up & I never went/go out without my husband or family member. I had a brain scan a couple of months ago, to try to get to the bottom of these problems with balance & stiff jerky movements. They ruled out MS or a Brain Tumour.

But I have lesions in my cerebellum, which show ( ishemic small vessel disease. ) on finding out what symptoms this could cause apart from the obvious which is stroke or heart attack, the early signs, are balance problems, memory problems, stiff jerky movements of the legs AND arms.. however that diagnoses came in after I had been assessed. And also after I had sent in a Mandatory thingy..

That came back with same judgement. I lose out on my enhanced mobility by 2 points. Yet, I did fill in saying I cannot leave the house on my own..And As I was on my scooter day of assessment, the assessor saw me get off & on & how difficult that was for herself. The care I need today is at least 10times that which I required when I claimed DLA, I really thought I should have got the enhanced on that as well. But losing the mobility high component hurts a lot. We are both pensioners 69yrs of age, we both have state pension only. I have never claimed for any other benefit, that I see some ask if they are entitled to, like carers allowance, or AA. We pat full whack on everything from rent to council tax. So we would struggle now to buy a new scooter, as that had to go back. 

Should I have appealed? I still have a week or so to decide on that, or should I just stay with the award I got, which is also JUST for 14MONTHS, then I have it all to go through again. So should I just wait till then? as it seems the appeals take as long as the time I have my award for...

PS, I had no letter from my GP, as they say the do not do letters anymore, but was told when the DWP wrote to them, she would fill it in ASAP, I still don’t know if they ever approached my doctor, I do have an appointment on 1st October & will ask then. 

Another question is, can my husband who is on pension same as myself, get carers allowance? Or can I get it for someone else. I want to try to buy myself a scooter, as my wheelchair is not self propelling, but requires someone to push me. And hubby is getting a bit puffed out with that..



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